13 Of The Best Washer And Dryer Sets Worth Investing In

BTW, laundry time *can* be fun.

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A best-selling stackable LG front-load washer and dryer with ultra-large capacity *and* smart features so you can control your laundry from your phone. And no, your dirty clothes won’t text you when they need a wash.

The Home Depot

Promising review: “This machine is an absolute (gentle) beast. We live in a condo and hence space (height) was a limitation. Stacking a separate washer dryer would not have been easy and we’d been putting away upgrading the existing, builder-provided laundry center. I came upon this machine online by accident and placed the order at once without even seeing it! And boy are we glad. It is compact yet has huge capacities. Has all the cycles you’ll ever need, including the ones in the LG ThinQ app, which also allows you to remotely start and monitor the WashTower. It’s sleek and looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It even sounds like a spaceship taking while it works. The integrated touch panel in the middle is extremely convenient and user-friendly. The LG WashTower is worth the price and makes doing laundry fun.”—LaundryIsFUN

Get it from The Home Depot for $1,798+ (available in two colors and with a gas or electric dryer).


A compact and portable washing machine and dryer you can just pack up in the trunk of your car (or your camper) for your next long road trip. You won’t *ever* have to worry about hotels not having laundry facilities again.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “I really like this washing machine. I purchased it for my Airbnb so that my guests can do their own laundry. The suite doesn’t have appliance water and drainage hookups and I’m glad that portable washing machines exist to fill this need. The quick cycle completes a load in 23 minutes, which is faster than most traditional washing machines. The machine is well built and doesn’t vibrate or shake during use. It seems relatively quiet, like most washing machines. I’m so glad I finally got this machine for my Airbnb guests, who LOVE it. Some of my guests said they will purchase one for themselves. I wish I had one of these when I was in university!” —mightygroove

Another promising review: “I live in a 100-year-old apartment complex with one washer/dryer in the creepy, spider-infested basement. I was getting sick of walking outside and bringing my clothes down there, only to find other people’s hair and lint on my clothes. GROSS! No thanks! I got this dryer and a small portable washer and it has literally changed my life and given me so much more freedom and independence. The capacity is fine (not tiny, not huge) — perfect for an outfit or two. You can fit a ton of clothes in here, it will just take a bit longer to dry. I have found that leaving a bit more room in the dryer makes things dry much faster. The lint trap is pretty easy to clean and captures a good amount of the lint. I do not vent to the outside so that is definitely a plus. It’s also energy efficient (I haven’t really noticed a difference in my electric bill).” —CH

Get the washing machine from Amazon for $274.72+ (available in two colors) and the dryer for $261.08+ (also available with a vent kit).


Promising review: “This is a great basic no-nonsense washing machine. No extra bells or whistles (literally!) to get in the way. This has an agitator which makes all of the difference between washing your clothes and just spinning them around in a barrel. I am happy and better yet the wife is happy! This Maytag rocks!” —Maytag Man 2021

Another promising review: “Many washing machines and dryers today offer a lot of bells and whistles but fail in their single purpose: cleaning and drying clothes. However, this dryer excels at doing its job. The Maytag dryer is simple in its design and contains a large drum but, most importantly, it works quietly and efficiently. This dryer stands out when drying bed linens, comforters, and loads of towels. We are a family of five with three boys who play sports; this machine doesn’t get time off. Even with this heavy workload, we have never pulled a damp item out of this machine. Perhaps the thing I am most happy about is that this quality machine is made in the USA.” —Todd

Get the washer from Lowe’s for $799.99, the dryer for $749.99, or both for $1,318.

Home Depot, The Home Depot

Promising review: “I have always had a full-size washer and a separate dryer. We downsized and moved to our cottage. With a small space to incorporate a washer and dryer in our half-bath, this fits perfectly. The washer capacity is plenty for my husband and me. Both the washer and dryer are considered quiet while in use. Very pleased with options and ease of use.” —SR happy

Get it from The Home Depot for $1,439 (available in two colors).


BTW, you’ll need a natural gas line installed (if you don’t already have one).

Promising review: “We have had this unit for over one year. It has performed flawlessly. Perfect for limited space in the laundry room but has a large washer and dryer capacity. Relatively quiet, always seems to balance loads for spinning. Easy to get the clothes in and out of both the washer and dryer. Great results in clean clothes. I highly recommend it.” —Bruce

Get it from Lowe’s for $1,599.


Promising review: “Best yet! So far, so good!!!!! Having a large family, I needed more choices for load size, specifically the ability to deep fill the whole cycle, not just the rinse. I absolutely love the different soak options, and the second rinse and spin is something I use regularly. The quick cycle is great for having to wash a few items for school early in the morning. The other thing I really like is how amazing this machine spins and drains. The drier the clothing, towels, or blankets, the less energy spent (literally) on dry time. Overall, I love this washer and my clothes haven’t been this clean and soft in years!” —Sorrel

Another promising review: “This dryer works great. It has a lot of options for various load types. I like the alarm that lets you know when the dryer is done and it’s optional to use so it can be turned off.” —Pat1115

Get the set from Wayfair for $1,375.20.


An LG TurboWash3D washer and electric dryer set enabled with smart wi-fi so you’ll get a notification sent to your phone the *second* the laundry is done. Feel free to stay on the couch though.

Home Depot, The Home Depot

Promising review: “Besides looking very nice in my laundry room, I love the chimes when the loads are done! I tell everyone it’s so pleasant! Doing laundry is never going to get old. We loved ours so much in just a few weeks that we bought a second set four weeks later for our daughter and son-in-law. We are very happy with the multiple settings and the efficiency of our machines. Thank you for making such beautiful appliances! We enjoy them!” —Momma28

Another promising review: “I absolutely love my dryer; it absolutely blows my old dryer away. I would never *not* get a Smart dryer ever again. The dryer has pre-set settings or you can program it to do whatever you want, not to mention that it’s completely touch screen! I think it’s cool that the dryer has an app, which is helpful for when I want to set it and forget it because the app reminds you when your load is completed. The machine has a cleanout for lint that they recommend you clean after every load. I also noticed that my clothes come out fluffy. The drier is made with quality and performs quality dry cycles and I will therefore be looking at LG for my driers from now on.” —NYIslanders88

Get the washer from Home Depot for $854 (available in two colors and with an agitator or impeller), the dryer for $854+ (available in two colors and as electric or gas), or both for $1,708.


A small compact washer and spinner that’s perfect if you don’t have a washer/dryer hookup and/or want to save some water, space, energy, and $$$.

amazon.com, Amazon

Note: A spin dryer doesn’t use heat, so you’ll still have to hang your clothes out for a complete dry.

Promising review: “OMG! I love this little washer. 11 years of going to the laundromat and washing by hand in the tub in between trips. I am in love. The spin-dry is fantastic. It gets so much water out. I swear I almost cried when I saw how clean the clothes came out and how dry they were left from the spin cycle. NO MORE HAND WASHING AND HAND WRINGING!!! I set the washer on a bench and used the sprayer from my sink to fill up the water. This is a gravity drain tub, so the drain has to be lower than the machine. Awesome product. If you live in an apartment, I would highly recommend this to anyone.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $192.


An Electrolux front-load washer equipped with serious stain-removing features and an electric dryer with a steam option, so your clothes will still look *brand-new* no matter how many times you put them through the wash.

Electrolux Appliances, The Home Depot

Put them side-by-side or use the optional stacking kit to save some space!

Promising review: “This machine is super quiet and in fact, there are times I forget it’s running! The spin cycle barely causes the machine to vibrate, again it’s quiet. Our clothes are coming out cleaner than they did in our agitator washer. Love that the soap, softener, etc gets mixed with the water then dispensed in the tub. The cycle options are perfect! They are easy to use and pretty self-explanatory. The Whitest Whites cycle is amazing! I don’t use bleach and my whites still come out very bright and clean. Dry times have been decreased. There’s less lint and the clothes have very few wrinkles.” —JWilco

Another promising review: “My new Electrolux washer dryer pair not only fulfills all the promises regarding their options for cleaning clothes but they are also beautiful appliances! It’s a shame they are tucked out of the way in the laundry room, these appliances are pretty enough to stand next to my Sub-Zero fridge or Jenn Air wall ovens. Their operating performance exceeds my expectations as well.” —BTLin

Get the washer from The Home Depot for $1,079 (available in two colors), the dryer for $1,079 (available in two colors and as electric or gas), or both for $2,158.


A compact LG washer and electric dryer set for anyone who *hates* doing laundry. The washer automatically sets the water level and wash time for you and its matching electric ventless dryer has an automatic sensor dry feature.

The Home Depot

Promising review: “I absolutely love it. The clothes get clean. I love how it cycles through to sense the soiled level, the material, how quiet it runs, and how it holds more capacity than one would think. I have no cons at all about this washer. The size would be perfect in a small apartment/condo/or a big ol’ house if you just wanted something to take up less space and do a good job. This is the one to get. Excellent, excellent.” —GrannieL

Another promising review: “This is an incredible dryer! First, it doesn’t have a traditional vent hose, which means that you don’t have to worry about where it will vent. The dryer works very well, leaving clothes, towels, sheets, and blankets dry in a normal cycle (typically about an hour). One thing this dryer does is periodically reverse the drum direction. It sounds like it’s stopping, then reverses. This does a great job of keeping clothes from lumping together.” —CodyShive

Get the washer from The Home Depot for $899, the dryer for $899, or both for $1,798.


A Samsung front-load washer that cleans a full load in just 30 minutes (!!!) and its matching electric dryer, which has a sanitizing cycle to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

The Home Depot

Bonus points for them both being Bixby-enabled so you can control them from your phone!

Promising review: “First off, this washer looks great with its fingerprint-resistant body and stylish look. It brings a very fresh look to the laundry space. The design and usability of the product are commendable as well. Great user interface with the center dial selection and touch options. The machine is comparatively very quiet. So thumbs up to all the things I care about in a washing machine!! My favorite function is it has a wash option for the whites; I’ve noticed my white clothes are brighter and with less visible stains, most likely because of its waterjet function. I am able to control my washes even when I am at work with the smart app feature. It works very smoothly without any bugs. Highly impressed with these features. Both the washer and dryer play music when the load is complete and my kids just love dancing to it. I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family!!” —Bhuti

Another promising review: “This new Samsung dryer is much more fun to use when compared to my previous dryer. Just load the dryer and operate it right from my phone. I like the smart function of this dryer. It has many settings and various levels of temperature too. Dries out my clothes quickly and saves energy too. Make sure you remove the lint before you load. I like the quick dry setting if I have fewer clothes. The capacity of the dryer is good holds a lot of clothes just in a single load. My clothes come out dry, clean wrinkle-free, and smelling good. It fits my sheets and king-sized comforter in a single load.” —xiorio123

Get the washer from The Home Depot for $728 (available in three colors), the dryer for $728 (available in three colors and as electric or gas), or both for $1,456.


A GE washer with a ~fancy~ vent system to prevent odors and a stackable electric dryer with a quick-dry option and have your laundry ready to go in 23 minutes or less.

The Home Depot

Promising review: “I am quite impressed with these machines! There are so many more features than I imagined are they are very quiet. The drums of both the washer and dryer are massive and hold so much laundry. I have enjoyed using the different settings and have actually gone looking for laundry that had been previously washed but had a ‘stale’ scent to it just to have an excuse to use the machines. I washed a comforter using the steam/sanitize setting and I absolutely love how clean and fresh it looks and smells. I wasn’t looking for a high-tech unit, just something to wash my clothes with, but after doing my research I found myself coming back to these since they got such good reviews, they had so many options and so much room. It was well worth it for what you get as compared to other machines. I’ve always liked GE. If you’re looking for a quality set, these are it!” —FalconMom76

Get the washer from The Home Depot for $1,124 (available in three colors), the dryer for $1,124 (also available in three colors), or both for $2,248.


A mega-capacity LG washer and electric dryer set that can fit a king-size comforter and a full set of bedding in *one load*, so laundry “day” is officially canceled.

The Home Depot

Promising review: “I wanted the efficiency of a front loader, but the size of a top loader, and I found this 5.2 cu. of a beauty! It’s big enough to wash all of my doggie beds, blankets, towels, and comforters with ease! I am in awe of how dry everything comes out of a cycle as well. Our clothes smell fresher after being washed in this machine, too, so I know it’s cleaning our clothes so much better! So far I am very happy with my purchase!” —Jenmiller71

Another promising review: “The dryer works great for me! Wish I would’ve bought it sooner…I’m amazed at how much better this unit dries my clothes and larger items (like blankets and washable rugs)! Everything dries faster than it did in my old set. This new unit has saved me so much time. Does really well on energy efficiency as well so it doesn’t make my electric bill go through the roof. All in all, it’s a solid unit and I would highly recommend it! If I had to buy it again, I would choose this model in a heartbeat!” —MLefers

Get the washer from The Home Depot for $1,439, the dryer for $1,439, or both for $2,878.

Ah, good ol’ laundry…

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