All of us have beauty tricks that we’ve been using for years. And celebrities are no exception. Their beauty tricks vary from simple ones, like using baby oil, to more complex ones, like applying hemorrhoid cream or tape to the face.

At Bright Side, we decided to find out the beauty secrets of famous women, and we were so impressed, we even adopted some of them.

Halle Berry doesn’t use face powder.

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Halle Berry believes that no matter how old a woman is, she looks better if her skin is a little dewy. According to the celebrity, matte skin makes you look older, which is why she’s stopped using face powder.

Jennifer Lopez sleeps on her back.

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To avoid wrinkles, Jennifer Lopez always sleeps on her back. The singer is sure that this method really works. She sleeps with pillows surrounding her so that she can’t turn her face.

Jane Fonda likes to switch up her moisturizer.

In Jane Fonda’s opinion, older skin should not glisten. The actress speaks openly about her plastic surgery, but she also talks about the importance of daily skin care.

Fonda likes to switch up her moisturizer to prevent her skin from getting used to it. Catherine Deneuve told her about it once. Fonda also exfoliates her face with a coarse washcloth every morning.

Madonna takes care of the skin on her glutes.

Madonna takes care of all parts of her body equally. She revealed that she applies a clay mask to her glutes and uses a serum on her knees.

Beyoncé contours her face with sunscreen.

The singer’s makeup artist shared a trick for how to make a permanent contour with sunscreen. You need to apply 15 or 20 SPF sunscreen all over your face, and then cover the areas you want to highlight with a sunscreen of a higher SPF.

Cindy Crawford uses Botox.

Cindy Crawford believes that creams simply stop being effective at a certain age. To restore the elasticity of her skin, she can count only on vitamin injections, Botox, and collagen.

Vera Wang uses baby oil.

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Fashion designer Vera Wang is 73 years old, but she looks gorgeous for her age. We are sure that Wang uses a lot of beauty tricks, but one of them is pretty simple.

She likes to put Johnson’s baby oil on in the tub. According to the designer, it really works for moisturizing and nourishing your skin. And it’s also very soothing.

Eva Mendes does mono threading.

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To keep her skin toned, Eva Mendes does mono threading, which includes placing dissolvable thread under the skin. This thread activates collagen synthesis. The actress once shared a photo that was taken during a mono threading procedure.

Keira Knightley hides her thinning hair under a wig.

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Keira Knightley confessed that due to frequent dying of her hair, it began to fall out. So she had to use wigs.

The actress was wearing wigs for 5 years. But after giving birth to her daughter, her hair returned to its original state. And now she enjoys her thick, natural locks.

Paris Hilton uses magnetic eyelashes.

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Nowadays, there is a wide variety of fake eyelashes. Most of them are glue-on ones, but there are also magnetic lashes that attach to your own eyelashes with the help of micro-magnets. And Paris Hilton is a big fan of them. They are easy to use and last longer than glue-on lashes.

Bella Hadid lifts her eyelids with face tape.

Bella Hadid’s foxy eyes have become a huge trend. Many women have their eyelashes extended with a special technique, or even go under the knife to get the same effect. But Hadid claims that her secret is face tape. With the help of face tape, you can lift the corners of your eyes and brows and smooth out your wrinkles.

Kim Kardashian moisturizes her facial skin with hemorrhoid cream.

Kim Kardashian can afford any skin care products. But she uses hemorrhoid cream to fight wrinkles. According to Kim’s makeup artist, it makes the skin more elastic and smooth.

Cardi B shaves her face to make her skin smooth.

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Cardi B’s makeup artist, Erika La Pearl, revealed the secret behind her client’s glowing skin. The fact is, La Pearl carries out a dermaplaning procedure before applying makeup to Cardi B’s face. This popular procedure is done with the help of the thinnest razor, which removes peach fuzz and dead skin cells.

Do you have any beauty tricks of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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