Cuddling up with your furry friends is a wonderful way to end a long day, but getting cozy with your dog or cat calls for pet blankets and not just any old throw blanket—these are fuzzy, fluffy throws that are specifically designed to stand up to shedding, drooling, and even chewing.

Blankets from brands like PetAmi, Petmaker, Petfusion, Pet Parents, and more are some of the top names in the (admittedly niche) world of pet blankets, offering up items that are as comfy as they are functional. Pet subscriptions will sometimes throw in a blanket but you don’t always get to choose the type of blanket. A worthwhile pet blanket should be water-resistant, if not waterproof, and machine-washable (some blankets offer some level of stain resistance too, but it’s always nice to have the option to just toss it straight in the washer if your favorite doggie has an accident). It earns bonus points if it’s made of a material that won’t retain pet hair or, at the very least, will hide it. 

Most importantly, a pet blanket should be soft, soothing, and comfortable. Whether you plan to share it with your pet or use it to line their kennel or bed, any blanket you buy for them should help them feel safe and relaxed, as if it were part of their personal nest. Luckily there’s a wealth of options out there to choose from, and we’ve highlighted some of the very best ones on the market right here. Read on to find the perfect pet blanket for you and your fur baby to snuggle.

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