Promising review: “I have a super active toddler, who despite the brutal winter this year, still wants to get out and play. I despise most snowsuits because they’re so stiff and puffy and children often look like an uncomfortable stack of marshmallows in them. I bought this suit especially because it’s labeled ‘lightweight.’ I figured it would be easier to add warm layers underneath and my assumption was right! This bunting is light, flexible, warm and the fit leaves plenty of room for layering. The reverse pattern is cute too. At the time I bought this my child was 16-months-old. I really wanted a size 2T to allow for growth but to be honest the 18–24 is plenty roomy. For reference, my child is now 19-months-old, 27 lbs, 32.5-inches tall. She shows no signs of outgrowing this suit any time soon. When she’s wearing it, she can run, climb, stretch, and bend comfortably without being weighed down, even with her fleece layers underneath. Fingers crossed we might get a second winter out of this suit.” —Mrs. Scott

Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in sizes 0–24M and four colors).

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