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Greetings! You’ve just unlocked the door to stories from the land of the creepy and the compelling, a place of glitches and premonitions, where people share firsthand experiences that defied their perception of reality and left them stunned, scared, or speechless. You’re scrolling into the world of anomalies…



“I recently rode the bus to a hospital appointment listening to my playlist on shuffle. As I was walking into the hospital, “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister was halfway through and I switched my phone off. I checked in with reception and could still hear the song playing. I checked my phone — it was off. The song was playing on hospital radio. I caught the second half of it. I mean, it’s a top tune but this was 30 plus years after release and it wasn’t even a massive hit here. Totally bizarre.”

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“I have a very visually distinct necklace. One day, I took it off and it disappeared. I looked everywhere for it, finally giving up and writing it off as lost forever. A few weeks later, I was dusting the ceiling fan when I noticed a shadow in the light globe. I thought the shadow was a bug so I unscrewed the globe from the fan. No bug. The shadow was my necklace.”

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“My sister and I were playing the age old game of “Get The Fuck Out Of My Room.” If you’ve never played it before, all you do is try to get the intruder out. I managed to get her outside the door, but she was trying to push it open while I was attempting to close it. Suddenly, I slam it shut, meaning I won. I turn around, and there is my very confused sister wondering how she ended up back in my room. In her confusion, I managed to get her back out.”

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“When I was in high school I had a vivid dream where I was in science class sitting in a different seat than usual. I also had a different “clicker” (the remote used to enter answers during quizzes), and one of my friends said a very off-color joke to the teacher. The next day, a couple in the class had to be separated so I moved seats, was given a clicker based off my new seat, and my friend said the joke from my dream that I was convinced he wouldn’t due to his personality. I remember sitting in my chair completely confused and in awe.”

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“I have two dogs. Everything we do is very routine. The other night, I let them out to potty. They went out in their normal order, sniffing and doing their business. I gave my normal verbal reminder to stop messing around so we could go back inside. It’s the same thing every day. They came running back in, but for some reason my short-haired, medium-sized brown dog didn’t come. I stood there a few more moments waiting for this dog I KNEW for certain was coming, just like every day. I was going to call the brown dog when I realized I couldn’t remember its name. Then, it all came crashing down on me — I only have two dogs. I don’t know it if was a glitch in the matrix, a momentary lapse of sanity, or a quick slip into an alternate dimension, but I was so absolutely certain I had a third dog. I could describe in detail what this other dog looked like, even though I’ve never had a dog matching what I expected, nor do any of my neighbors.”

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“I woke up in the morning and saw a trailer for a movie named Hanna. I was then scrolling through my Google Calendar and saw it was my friend Hannah’s birthday. Later on in the night, I had some friends come over and I ordered Doordash — the delivery girl’s name was Hannah. I went out that night and got a girl named Hannah’s number. We dated for about six months. Nothing else came of the relationship, but that was an extremely bizarre coincidence.”

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“I was rolling a toy plane across my desk. It fell off and just disappeared. I didn’t lose it. It disappeared. There was nowhere for it to go, but I never saw it again.”

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“I used to have a weird telepathic bond with my dad. We lived in different countries and every time I’d think of him, he would call me, or vice versa. It happened so often that I stopped questioning it after a while, it just was. He passed away a few years ago and I miss him every day.”



“A few years ago, I was crossing the street and this little old lady wearing a pink and blue jacket was joyously crossing in the opposite direction with a smile on her face. My view was temporarily blocked by a tall man between us. When the tall man walked past me, the lady was gone. I looked back three times in disbelief. She was gone. The street wasn’t super busy or anything, just a few people walking, quite a lot of open spaces, so there was no place she could have hidden, and why would she anyway? This was the first and last time I had such an experience.”

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“I left my office one day to pick up lunch. On the way, I saw an old colleague I hadn’t seen for years at the petrol station. I was going to pull in and say hello but I was busy and hungry, so continued driving. At about 3 p.m. that day, I was told he had died in a car crash that morning about 50 miles up the same road I saw him on.”

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“My brother got a lucky rabbit’s foot keychain. I was tossing it in the air and catching it. One time it went up, but didn’t come down. 30 years later I was working in the ceiling and found it on the heat duct that was covered by a drop ceiling.”

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“Years ago I used to get up for work around 3 a.m., so I’d go to bed by 8 p.m. Three nights in a row, I woke up at the same time because of something weird. The first night, I had a vivid dream about a ghost. The second night, I had sleep paralysis and saw a demon in my room. The third night, I woke up to a loud bang. The morning after the last night, I was off from work, so I managed to sleep in. When I got up, I heard helicopters overhead. I flipped on the TV and the news was running a story about a guy being swallowed by a sinkhole while he was sleeping. It was on the street behind my house and it happened at the same time I had woke those three nights. The bang I heard the previous night was the sinkhole.”

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“I was watching The Santa Clause 2, and looked up who played the Tooth Fairy — it was Art LaFleur. I looked at his IMDb page expecting to see a death date, and was happily surprised to see he was still alive. Literally the NEXT DAY it was announced that he died.”

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“Earlier this year, my mom, sisters, and I were going shopping out of town. The night before, I dreamed we were at Target and a shooter came into the store. I woke up terrified and was on edge all day. During the drive to town, my mom told me she also dreamed of a shooting. While we were shopping at a store, it suddenly went into lockdown because the mall next door—where we planned to go next—had a gang-related shooting. That whole day was weird and horrifying.”

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“I work as an EMT. My partner and I play a game where we try to guess the name and age of our patient before we go in to pick them up. All we know are vague details about the patient’s condition and where they’re going. I’ve been right about both the name AND age at least seven times. I mean really, what are the odds that out of all the names and possible ages, I happen to guess the ones that are exactly right for a particular patient? Gotta thank those gut feelings!”

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“I used to have visions/daydreams that I was driving high above a winding road through hills, stopping at the top of a valley with a small village spread below me. The vision was incredibly detailed — I could see a farm down to my right, a church and cemetery down to my left, as well as a handful of houses. Well, in 2012, I was driving through Saskatchewan in my RV, looking for some land to buy. Every potential place fell through, but I decided to try one last option even though it was a bit off the beaten path. Next thing I knew, I was driving high above a road winding through hills. And sure enough, the land I was going to look at was nestled in a valley. Everything was there, the church, the cemetery, the farm, even a log cabin. It was all exactly as it had been in my vision. I made an offer on the spot and didn’t lose any sleep waiting for the offer to be expected — I knew I’d found my land.”

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“A friend in high school told me she had a “gift” and asked me to give her a personal item that meant a lot to me. I handed her my bracelet and she held it for a couple minutes, then told me that she saw a yellow house on a hill and that something bad was going to happen there. My grandma, who my friend had never met, lived in a yellow house on a hill in another city. I didn’t think too much about it until a year and a half later, when my grandma was murdered in her pool at her yellow house on a hill. I’ve always believed that some folks have a gift and my friend definitely did.”

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What about you — have you ever experienced a glitch-in-the-matrix, an unexplainable incident, or a one-in-a-billion coincidence? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!


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