On especially busy mornings, cooking a meal can feel feel daunting. But breakfast in a mug recipes open up a whole world of flavors in a matter of minutes.

No, mug recipes aren’t just for the ’gram. They actually work, and can make whipping up a snack or meal—especially breakfast—super convenient. Rather than simply heating up another packet of instant oatmeal (which, fair), these breakfast ideas allow you to have a diner-worthy dish at a moment’s notice. Most of them don’t even require the advance prep that goes into other quick breakfast ideas like overnight oats and chia pudding.

Here’s how they usually work: ingredients—like eggs, flour, and milk—are whisked together in a mug and microwaved for just a few minutes. And that’s really it! Instead of having to stand over a hot stove to be able to enjoy a pancake breakfast, you can simply pop your food in the microwave and get dressed while it cooks itself. That’s the kind of hands-off morning cooking we all need in our lives.

Though this formula lends itself to a lot of sweeter treats—French toast, chocolate muffins, and other protein-packed options that can be especially delicious in the morning—it produces a handful of excellent savory dishes as well. Forget about prepping egg muffins ahead of time and make one in minutes with the help of your favorite mug. You can even add a few pre-chopped veggies for a tasty omelet in record time.

These easy 19 breakfast in a mug ideas cover both sweet and savory a.m. favorites, from cinnamon buns and protein muffins to fluffy souffléd eggs. Each one takes less than 10 minutes to make, yet is filled with all the nutrients you need to start your day off on the right foot. With their help, you’ll never dread making breakfast again.

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