31 Easy Thanksgiving Hairstyles to Try This Year

Deciding between Thanksgiving hairstyles may not be the top of your to-do list—which, fair, especially if you’re in charge of the turkey. But hear me out: A killer hair look can make you feel fancy, even if you’re not leaving the living room, and if you are, well, all the more reason to stunt. Plus, there are practical considerations like ensuring your hair stays off your face (and away from your plate), so why not try something new? Luckily, Instagram is chock-full of Thanksgiving hair ideas if you’re in the market for something fresh. Clips, headbands, and accessories of all kinds are still going strong, while classic ponies and updos will never go out of style. 

Whatever your taste or hair type, scroll on for the coolest, most interesting Thanksgiving hairstyles, pulled fresh and direct from the best of the internet, and get ready to be thankful for all the compliments you’re about to receive. (Want to take your look a step further? Be sure to check out some Thanksgiving nails as well.)

  • Tessa Thompson Thanksgiving hairstyle

    Bubble Pony 

    Most of us likely first encountered the bubble pony on animated Disney heroines, but its latest iteration is anything but childish. In fact, the style is sporty, modern, and easy: Just pull your hair into a high pony, space elastics every few inches, and pull on both sides of each section to get that rounded effect. Adding a bow to each elastic adds a feminine touch that feels special for the holidays. 

  • Glam Half-Up

    Make your usual half-up feel a little extra glam with a swooping side bang. 

  • Full Braid 

    A fluffy braid goes perfectly with a cozy sweater or a fancy party dress. The trick to getting so much volume is working a texturizer through your hair before braiding (hairstylist Mark Townsend used Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo in this braid on Dakota Johnson). 

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