32 Long-Distance Relationship Gifts to Send Your Partner

When you’re in a long-distance relationship during the holidays, it’s natural to want to give your partner something extra meaningful, and the best long-distance relationship gifts are ones that’ll make your partner forget how far you are from each other, at least for a moment. That might mean giving your significant other a stationery set and calligraphy kit to make your correspondences particularly romantic—but it could also look like tech equipment to make sure your next video call is perfectly lit. 

Whether your partner’s taste skews kinky or cute, we’ve assembled some of the best long-distance relationship gifts to send them, from app-controlled devices that can be maneuvered from afar to little mementos that you can exchange via snail mail. These thoughtful gift ideas will bring you even closer, despite the miles in between. (And make sure to place your orders before December 15, when many retailers are cutting off holiday deliveries.)

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