As of Tuesday, there are 348 probable cases of child hepatitis of unknown origin in 21 countries, with 26 cases requiring liver transplants, the World Health Organization announced.

Is there a link between the Omicron variant and the unknown hepatitis cases? One Japanese researcher says yes. (Japan Times)

In the phase III U-ENDURE study of moderate to severe Crohn’s disease patients who responded to induction upadacitinib (Rinvoq) after failing prior therapies, a year of upadacitinib maintenance led to significantly more remissions versus placebo, drugmaker AbbVie said.

Sun Pharma said the FDA approved its generic form of extended-release mesalamine capsules, an anti-inflammatory used for mild flare-ups in ulcerative colitis.

An endoscopist’s proximal serrated polyp detection rate was inversely associated with the incidence of interval post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer (CRC), a Dutch study found. (Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology)

A sample of U.S. pediatric emergency department visits from 2006 to 2018 found that ondansetron use increased “markedly” among kids with acute gastroenteritis (from 10.6% to 59.2%), yet without any corresponding decrease in rates of rehydration or hospitalizations. (JAMA Network Open)

Long-term programmatic CRC screening and surveillance was safe, since most major events such as serious cardiopulmonary events were rare, a Veterans Affairs study found. (Gastrointestinal Endoscopy)

Opioid users who underwent high-resolution manometry had a higher long-term symptom burden and were more likely to have hypercontractile esophagus or distal esophageal spasm versus non-opioid users. (Gastroenterology)

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction in men with cirrhosis included older age, longer duration of cirrhosis, and presence of major depression, a study in India found. (Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology)

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