45 of Our All-Time Best Pasta Recipes

Making it into this list of our best pasta recipes is actually a humongous deal. I started trying to count how many pastas we’ve developed over the years, and let’s just say I got to 407 before calling it quits. Which means whittling down to 45 recipes was a painstaking process. Here you’ll find the buttery, red wine spaghetti that’s cooked in two(!) bottles of the good juice. Aglio e olio with kale, a.k.a. an absurd amount of wilted greens drenched in olive oil, tossed with noodles, and dusted with cheese. And the anchovy-laced, breadcrumb-topped bucatini that one anonymous reviewer summarizes as: “Easy, cheap, quick, and delicious!” Which, when it comes to the best pasta recipes, hits just the criteria we’re looking for. 

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