Even as China continues to implement strict anti-epidemic COVID measures, some cities have announced reduced quarantine time for overseas arrivals, some to as little as seven days. 

The trend started as far back as April, when the southern port city of Xiamen, Fujian province announced a ‘10+7’ policy (10 days of centralized quarantine followed by seven days of ‘health monitoring’ at home) for certain arrivals.

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In May, Beijing announced a similar ‘10+7’ policy for those whose final destination is Beijing. 

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However, time in centralized quarantine for some arrivals to China has now been slashed even further. 

Below are cities and provinces which have implemented either a ‘10+7’ policy (10 days of centralized quarantine plus seven days of home quarantine) or ‘7+7’ policy (seven days of centralized quarantine plus seven days of home quarantine) for overseas arrivals: 


  • Beijing

  • Nanjing

  • Wuhan

  • Zhejiang Province


  • Xiamen

  • Sichuan Province

Remember This Caveat

Remember that in most, if not all cases, these policies apply to those whose final destination is the city in which they arrive from overseas. If your final destination is elsewhere on the Chinese mainland, different policies may apply.

Always double check the exact rules in advance.

Pre-Departure Testing

Another way in which China has made entering from overseas easier is by relaxing pre-departure testing requirements; the key change is that many inbound passengers are no longer required to undergo testing seven days prior to departure. 

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For those coming to China to work or visit family things also just got one step easier, with the requirement of a PU Letter now lifted.

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China is not giving up on ‘zero-COVID,’ a policy which seeks to eliminate the spread of the virus rather ‘live with it.’ Nonetheless, relaxing anti-epidemic COVID measures for overseas arrivals will be welcomed by many, particularly those planning to return to China.

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