7 Sex Positions to Try During Pregnancy
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People are searching for answers when it comes to pregnancy sex. Is it safe? What are the best positions? Is it going to poke the baby in the head? Truly, Google is full to the brim with such inquiries. Let’s lay a few myths to rest so that everyone can have more sex, whether you’re pregnant, have a partner who is pregnant, you’re trying to have a baby, or you’re just curious.

Before we get to the best pregnancy sex positions, let’s start at the very beginning—a very good place to start. Pregnancy sex (usually) gets the green light. “Sex is a normal part of pregnancy, and regular penetrative sex will not affect the baby’s development or cause any discomfort or pain,” explains Sandra Larson, RN, a nurse, relationship expert, and the co-founder of My Sex Toy Guide, a hub for sexual health and wellness content. “After all, the baby is cushioned by the muscular uterine walls and amniotic sac fluid.”

Pregnant sex is not only safe and totally normal, but it can even make delivery and pregnancy easier overall. Help with delivery? What the what? That’s correct. Sex helps to strengthen the pelvic floor, a key group of muscles whose main job is to support your lower organs (such as the uterus). Additionally, some vulva owners find that the raging hormones that come along with being knocked up make them hornier than they’ve ever been in their lives. Take full advantage of this and have as much sex as you want. Let’s face it, if this is your first baby, wild sex romps are going to be harder to come by pretty soon. Just sayin’.

Healthy sexuality is about being curious, and this new chapter in your and your partner’s lives may bring on all kinds of curiosity. “As a pregnant individual gets larger, you will need to find more adaptable and creative positions, but that is part of the fun of sex while pregnant,” says Taylor Sparks, an erotic educator and founder of Organic Loven, one of the largest BIPOC-owned online intimacy shops.

Before you go getting down and dirty, it’s always best to ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to have sex first. Every pregnancy is different, and some more high-risk uterus-owners may need to dial it back. This means penetrative sex may not be on the table—but P-in-V penetration is not the only kind of sex out there, and there’s plenty of pleasure to be had without it.

Now, let’s talk pregnancy sex positions. A pregnant person may need to stick to positions that are less physically demanding than they otherwise might. They are growing a human life inside their bodies. They’re doing a lot right now, and they are tired, OK? Communicate with your partner to be sure that the positions you’re doing are comfortable and pleasurable for both of you. Here are 7 pregnancy sex positions you should definitely consider. All of these positions can be adjusted to exclude penetration. It’s all about what works for you and your partner.

The Lotus

Sitting face-to-face, the person with the penis (or dildo) sits criss-cross-applesauce, while the pregnant person sits on their partner’s lap. The Lotus is a very sensual and simple position and it’s ideal for clitoral stimulation and intimacy.

Of course, adjustments must be made as a pregnant belly grows. “A special issue can happen when the pregnant belly makes it difficult to sit comfortably in a partner’s lap. I found it easier to put my arms back and use them for extra support,” says Molly, 31. This altered Lotus will add some extra space between the two of you.

Dainis Graveris, a certified sex educator at Sexual Alpha, a make-focused intimacy shop, suggests sitting in front of a mirror if you “want to make things more sexy.” If your partner is loving their pregnant body, this could be steamy as hell. But if they’re feeling self-conscious, put their comfort first. Communication is the key here, peeps.

The Scissor

If you and your partner are a bit nervous about trying pregnancy sex (P-in-V, that is), Graveris suggests starting with more a gentle move that allows for shallower penetration. The Scissor can make the “overall experience comfortable not only for the [pregnant person] but also for the [partner] who [might be] terrified that [their] penis will poke [the] baby’s head.” LOL, but also seriously, people are afraid of this happening! “I couldn’t get my partner inside me for nine months. He was so worried about it,” says Natalie, 28.

For this position, the pregnant person lies on their back, lifting one leg up. The penetrating partner lies on their side, with the bottom leg straight and the top at a 90 degree angle (they can also bend their knee, if that’s more comfortable). Spoiler: You literally look like a pair of scissors. “With all the blood flow directed to your pregnant partner’s clitoris, grinding your pelvis against [them] will feel so much better than usual,” Graveris says. This position is also great for couples who want to engage in sexual activity without penetration, as it allows for stimulation of the entire vulva: the clitoris, inner and outer labia. “Anything that gave my partner full access to my clit when I couldn’t reach it was on the table,” says Shae, 30.


Oral sex during pregnancy—and any other time—is a winner in the orgasm department. There is something really amazing about pregnancy that often gets overlooked: How f*cking powerful the female body is. It deserves to be worshipped.“The coziest way to get oral is with your body propped back against a sea of pillows,” Shae says. You know, like a literal queen on her throne. The receiving person can also sit on the couch, a love-seat, or anywhere that feels comfortable for them.

If your partner would like some penetration, this position is fantastic for a G-spot wand like the Pure Romance Euforia. Look, I hate expensive price tags as much as the next person, but this toy straight up SELF-HEATS. It has the power to warm up inside your partner, relaxing their entire pelvic-region. During pregnancy, this is heaven.

Open-Legged Spoon

Spooning saves the day during pregnancy. It’s low-effort for everyone and sometimes you just really need that. For some preggos, having their legs open and/or with the knees draped over their partner can be more comfortable, as it opens the pelvic region and takes weight off of the spine. The pregnant person lies on their back with a pillow underneath for extra support. “You have to be cautious with any position that involves lying on your back when your pregnant partner reaches her 20th week (or 4th month) of pregnancy,” Graveris says.

The penetrating partner lies at an (almost) 90 degree angle to the receiver, on their side. The pregnant person then drapes their legs on their partner’s side. The penetrating partner can use a hand or toy to stimulate the pregnant person’s clitoris, as they have fantastic access in this position.This position doesn’t require any penetration, if that’s not the vibe. Grinding, vibration, hand-sex—it’s all good as long as everyone is having a good time.

Stand-to-Sit Missionary

The biggest thing to avoid during pregnancy is putting pressure on the pregnant partner’s abdomen, so classic missionary is not the best choice. It just isn’t comfortable. Of course, there are ways around this. Instead of regular missionary, try it with the penetrating partner standing next to the bed and the pregnant partner scooched down, with their butt at the edge. Put pillows under the receiver’s back and head so they’re semi-sitting up, legs spread. Again, pregnancy is exhausting AF, so “the more positions you can do that require little effort on the pregnant partner’s part, the better,” Molly says.

Forward Woman Superior

You can still enjoy all the on-top goodness; you just have to make it work for your new body. In fact, many pregnant women enjoy being on top because it gives them more control of depth and speed. The pregnant person can lean forward so their hands are on either side of their partner’s face, and rock back and forth for a steadier rhythm. The pregnant partner uses their arms to take the pressure off the lower half of their body, making this position easier and more pleasurable. Another alternative? They can lean back with their hands on their partner’s shins. Whichever is more comfortable.

Doggy Style

Doggy style doesn’t go out of style when you’re pregnant. In fact, Dr. Nazanin Moali, a clinical psychologist, sex and relationship expert, and host of the podcast Sexology says that during your second and third trimester, doggy-style can actually be more comfortable for some pregnant folx. Your belly is safely out of the way when your partner enters you from behind. Just be sure to stay on all-fours. Don’t lie on your stomach during penetration.

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