A French man is currently in Scotland attempting one of the most stomach-churning extreme sports world records ever. Francois-Marie Dibon will be bungee jumping for over 24 hours in an attempt to break the record for most consecutive bungee jumps.

Dibon, 44, told BBC that he used to be afraid of heights until he took up bungee as a hobby, which he called a “good cure” for his fear. Over time his love of jumping progressed, and now we’ve reached this point. Dibon is jumping off Garry Bridge in Perthshire, Scotland as we speak, beginning early morning Tuesday and will need to jump roughly once every 300 seconds over the next 24 hours to break the current record of 430, which was stood since 2017

On the surface this might seem relatively simple. After all, how difficult could jumping off a bridge and falling be? However, the truth is that attempting this many successive jumps puts a colossal strain on the human body. Not only does a jumper need to battle motion sickness from the consistent up-and-down motion without adequate rest, paired with incredible core strength required to take the G-forces of bungeeing that many times without injury.

The only chance for any rest: Equipment adjustments. Should the cords or harnesses need to be adjusted there can be up to a 10 minute break while technicians work. If that happens Dibon plans to lay down for a bit and take “micro naps” before getting back to the work of flinging himself off the bridge again, and again, and again.

While the attempt at the world record isn’t being streamed (at least not yet) we should know by Wednesday morning whether Dibon was able to set a new record for consecutive bungee jumps.

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