Alleged Hacker Who Broke Into AI Surveillance Company Raided By Police

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A hacker who claimed responsibility for breaking into a wave of facial recognition-enabled surveillance cameras installed in companies such as Tesla and Cloudflare, as well as hospitals, jails, schools, and many other organizations around the country, claimed law enforcement have raided their apartment, the hacker announced in a social media post on Friday.

“My apartment was raided by local police this morning 7am my time and all my electronic devices have been confiscated on request of the US department of justice,” Tillie Kottman, the hacker, said in a post from their Mastodon account.

Bloomberg reported Friday that, according to a search warrant from the Western District of Washington, the hacker is wanted for “the hacking of computer databases and the subsequent theft and distribution of information including source code, confidential documents and internal user data.” Motherboard has not seen a copy of the search warrant.

Kottman previously shared videos and images taken from cameras made by surveillance manufacturer Verkada. Kottman shared a list of Verkada users with Motherboard. 24,000 unique entities included K-12 schools, seemingly private residences marked as “condos,” shopping malls, credit unions, multiple universities across America and Canada, pharmaceutical companies, marketing agencies, pubs and bars, breweries, a Salvation Army center, churches, the Professional Golfers Association, museums, a newspaper’s office, airports, and more.

Kottman did not respond to a request for comment sent Friday.


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