In the latest video on his YouTube channel, retired European boxing champion and Olympic medalist Tony Jeffries breaks down his four best pieces of training advice for fighters who are trying to figure out how to throw a more powerful punch—whether they’re complete novices, or veteran boxers.

Turn your hips

Whenever you’re throwing a punch, Jeffries says, you need to be thinking about shifting your weight accordingly. Moving your hips as you strike will put more power behind it. “With the cross, you’re transferring your weight to your front foot, with the hook, you’re transferring to the back,” he explains.


“If you’re relaxing, you’re going to get more speed,” says Jeffries. “If you get more speed, you get more power. Relax your full body, apart from your fists.” Relaxing and remembering to breathe will also prevent you from tiring quite so quickly in the ring.

Fully extend your straight punches

If you throw a punch with a bent arm, you are giving your opponent an opportunity to more easily deflect or bend your arm away, Jeffries explains. A fully extended arm, locked at the elbow, will be stronger and much harder to block.

Put your bodyweight behind the punch

This tip, which Jeffries believes is the most important, goes beyond simply transferring your weight from one foot to the other, as recommended above. “This time, I’m talking about stepping into the punch,” he says. “If you step into the punch as you’re throwing it, you’re getting the force of the step into the power.”

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