Imagine a Curry in the Charlotte Hornets blue coming down the floor and nailing a three. The last time it happened was in 1998, when Dell Curry was a renowned guard in Charlotte. That was until the trade deadline this season. His younger son, Seth was traded to the Hornets. It almost seemed like a prophecy. There was once again a Curry in Charlotte.

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For Dell, it was additionally special. After a respectable career with the Hornets, he joined the team as an announcer. For years, he called games of both Seth and Stephen Curry. However, them being foes to his Hornets, he could never really embrace the occasion with all his joy. It was always bittersweet since one side had to lose.

But since Seth Curry joined the Hornets, his happiness has been refueled. Speaking of the pride feels, the father of two NBA stars spoke about the challenge he now faces with his younger son being a Hornet.


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Dell Curry can enjoy but needs to be objective with Seth Curry

As a former Hornets starlet, Dell Curry has probably been waiting for one of his sons to put on the same jersey he did. Stephen Curry once teased the possibility. But he is the pillar for the Golden State Warriors and was unlikely to ever return home. Seth Curry is a prolific role player who is in high demand from competing teams for his efficient shooting, something he inherited from his father.

On February 8th, fate played its role to perfection. The Dallas Mavericks PJ Washington from the Hornets. In exchange they sent Grant Williams and of course, Seth Curry. Dell was filled with pride. His son picked the same jersey, the number 30 stuck to his back and the name Curry right below it.

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The homecoming came with immense joy. Yet as an announcer, now Dell Curry has the job of judging his son’s performances in relation to the Hornets’ success. That can either be fruitful or it could be him critiquing him.


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“It’s still a little strange for me calling their games when they’re playing for other teams I got used to that but now that he’s on the team kind of be objective I can also be excited and be fired up cuz he’s playing for our team,” he said with Seth Curry seated in full gear right beside him.

Tonight, he got to see a familiar sight, his two sons Stephen Curry and Seth go head to head. However, this time he might be siding a tad bit more with his younger son given he is donning the very jersey he established his legacy with. The Curry name will now run in Charlotte, at least for this year.


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Dell Curry, even though he has a complex job at hand might be the happiest man in the room.

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