Carrigan: I love the misdirection. You think Hank is all stressed out because Barry is going to come kill him, but what he’s actually stressed out about is this plan to take out all of these guys in this really gruesome way. When I was reading it, I was genuinely just so shocked. I hope that people are going to get a kick out of it, even if it’s like, a kick in the nuts.

With the time jump revealed at episode’s end, we won’t be seeing the immediate grieving period for Hank, but how will this change him moving forward? 

Carrigan: One of the key things that’ll clue audiences into where Hank goes from there is that very private moment with Hank after Cristobal makes his choice to leave, and Hank essentially gives the go ahead. He has this moment where the pain, which is so great in him, gets shoved down, and when you go down that path of repressing your emotions, you can’t stop doing that. 

I was recently listening to Bill talk about the show, and here’s a direct quote that I wanted to pass along: “Michael Irby is just the fucking man.” Michael, you won’t be in the last couple episodes, but that’s not a bad way to go out.

Irby: Hey, man, that’s a great way to go out. I played so many tough guys in my career, and I’ve always just been a funny guy. When I was back in theater school, I really thought that was going to be what I was going to do. And, after 20 years, somebody saw it. Bill saw it, our lovely casting director saw it, and they’ve allowed me to stand in this other space now and take on this other light..

Any final words on CristoHo?

Carrigan: I need to echo what Bill said. Michael Irby, easily one of the most talented, incredible actors I’ve had the opportunity to work with and find this really magical thread between the two of us. After that scene, we were both pretty heartbroken from it, but we looked at each other and just had this kind of knowing, that this is why we do it. 

Irby: Oh, brother, I’m blushing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And you know that feeling is mutual. When you show up as a guest-star, you’re not sure what your place is on the show, and, from the minute I got there, it was open arms. 

I did jump down the Reddit rabbit hole, and I said, “Oh my god.” I felt like Sally Field. Like, “They love us, they really love us.” [Laughs.] I didn’t know where that was coming from, and then I had to rewatch some of the episodes. It started at the volleyball game [in season two]. These little seeds were starting to plant, and then Bill would pour water on them, and we would shine light on them, and they were growing and we got all the way to here. So I think the fans also created this love story, because everyone believed in it, and it was just so much fun. And Anthony, god, you bring out the best. And I don’t know where, I don’t know how, but I really hope we get an opportunity to do this again.

Carrigan: Maybe an hour-long, standalone Dave & Buster’s TV special.

Irby: The bestest place on Earth! Let’s get them on the horn.

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