As Twitchy reported earlier, Benjamin Wittes — the guy who used to tweet “BOOM” and a video of a tiny cannon anytime the walls were closing in on the Russian collusion story — said Tuesday that it had become a talking point among Trumpists and some non-Trumpist conservatives that Stacey Abrams never conceded the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race. He tweeted this with an image of Abrams’ remarks, in which she literally said, “I cannot concede.”

Wittes has been getting dunked on all day for such a stupid take, and now he thinks it would be interesting to find out how many bots were involved. Some of the response to his tweet “is a bit on the coordinated and inauthentic side of things.”

Also, it would be interesting for @BotSentinel and @cbouzy to run their magic on this tweet. I have a feeling some of the response to it is a bit on the coordinated and inauthentic side of things…

— Benjamin Wittes (@benjaminwittes) January 12, 2022

Yep, “I cannot concede,” still there.


— Blame Big Government (@BlameBigGovt) January 12, 2022

You know who else cannot concede? You, apparently, about being wrong.

— Ghost Pournelle (@GhostPournelle) January 12, 2022

“You’re all just bots”

— (@jtLOL) January 12, 2022

Well if the responses are inauthentic that would be a pretty good fit.

Your original tweet is inauthentic AF.

— J.G. Petruna (@jgpetruna) January 12, 2022

The self-flattery of thinking that people making fun of you is some sort of manipulation lol. Who the fuck even are you?

— Noam Blum (@neontaster) January 12, 2022

If by coordinated and inauthentic you mean ppl see a provably false statement and simultaneous attempt to gaslight readers, then yes. Furthermore you’re a complete jackass

— Gonzo the Great (@GonzDaGreat) January 12, 2022

Bro, it says “I cannot concede” in the quote you are using as evidence of her conceding.

— Gert B. Frobe (@ThumblessGrasp) January 12, 2022

The only thing inauthentic is your original tweet

— Carol Scott (@itzblue) January 12, 2022

Take the ratio

— rob solo (@robsolo) January 12, 2022

I think the inauthentic coordination is coming from inside your own house.

— Damin Toell (@damintoell) January 12, 2022

— Rufus (@Rufus_GB) January 12, 2022

Slowly you turn into…

— JHB4UK (@UKCatBBN) January 12, 2022

— WHERE IS KOTOR3 (@Boomer__Madness) January 12, 2022

You should probably just…….concede.

— MethBurrito (@methburritos) January 12, 2022

Just tweet through it. You’re doing great.

— Chris T (@sg1_chris) January 12, 2022

— Jason Storck (@jmstorck) January 12, 2022

Just quit when you are behind and take the L. I know it is hard on the ego.

— Pug Henry (@Lew445445) January 12, 2022

— Robert Crumly (@Robert_Crumly) January 12, 2022

Are you ok?

— Jim Muessig (@JimMuessig) January 12, 2022

I promise you that plenty of very real people are just pointing out the stupidity of your tweet

— Dave Gray (@docgray81) January 12, 2022

— Big John Rugged (@JohnRuggedDaDon) January 12, 2022

Not a bot and not a Trump guy and here to say she went on tour saying she won and that she didn’t concede. Do the minimal research and watch her media interviews after she lost. She says “I won” and “I didn’t concede”. What are you even talking about

— Brady (@bturner5596) January 12, 2022

Maybe, just maybe, you suffer from a major case of narcissism that doesn’t permit you to look back and say “Wow, I see what they’re trying to say and they have an excellent point!”

— ProjectileGrommetz (@PGrommetz) January 12, 2022

Have you considered whether it’s the Russians trying to discredit you over your totally serious, and not remotely hysterical, use of the baby cannon to announce whatever conspiracy theory you’re promoting that week?

— Paul Crowley (@PaulCro19858120) January 12, 2022

That’s it … it’s Russian bots sent by Putin to discredit him.


Benjamin Wittes defends Stacey Abrams from ‘Trumpists and some non-Trumpist conservatives’ by … proving them exactly right about her

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) January 12, 2022

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