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Discover the best cards and deck in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Tallboy Mutation with weakspot on shoulder

Want to find the best cards in Back 4 Blood? The swarms of Ridden are ridiculously powerful in Back 4 Blood, especially when you make the leap to the appropriately named Nightmare mode. If you want to survive, you’ll need to construct the best deck for your character. Whilst you should choose certain cards depending on your character and build, there are some cards that are undoubtedly worth using.

This guide will show you the best cards in Back 4 Blood, and they all fit into any deck.

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  • Best offense cards in Back 4 Blood
  • Best utility cards in Back 4 Blood
  • Best mobility cards in Back 4 Blood
  • Best defense cards in Back 4 Blood

Which are the best cards in Back 4 Blood?

These are the best cards that you could use in any deck in Back 4 Blood:

  • Ridden Slayer
  • Reckless Strategy
  • Sadistic
  • Shredder
  • Marked For Death
  • Knowledge Is Power
  • Lucky Pennies
  • Cross Trainers
  • Superior Cardio
  • Inspiring Sacrifice
  • Charitable Soul

Back 4 Blood offense cards, including Ridden Slayer, which increases weakspot damage

Best offense cards in Back 4 Blood

Most of the cards on this list will increase the damage that you deal, whilst offering few drawbacks. This makes them perfect for any player, character, and build. Everyone needs to deal damage, and offense cards will help you kick it up a notch!

Ridden Slayer and Reflex Strategy both increase your damage against weakspots. This isn’t really necessary when fighting normal Ridden, as a quick headshot or two should drop them before they even get close. However, the 50% damage increase that you get by stacking these cards is a huge boost against Special Ridden, which should help you survive even on the hardest difficulties.

The Sadistic card stacks on these even further, increasing your weakspot damage by 5% for every precision kill in the last ten seconds. Everyone should be aiming for headshots and racking up precision kills, so this is a useful card for anyone playing Back 4 Blood. If you’re looking to take your damage even further, or just don’t have access to any of the other cards mentioned above, Shredder is an excellent card that you can use to get increased damage against every enemy. This increases your damage by 1% for every bullet you hit, up to a total of 15% extra. This might not seem like much, but it’s certainly notable, especially if your teammates also use this card.

Best utility cards in Back 4 Blood

Extra damage is always good, and Marked For Death and Knowledge Is Power push you even further. They both increase your damage dealt, whilst also giving you other useful bonuses. Marked For Death highlights any Special Ridden that you mark, making them easier to spot for your teammates. Knowledge Is Power allows you to see damage numbers and health bars on enemies, which isn’t actually useful for the gameplay, but it helps you spot which weapons are worth using (and scratches the Destiny part of your brain).

Whilst the other utility cards mentioned also focus on dealing increased damage, Lucky Pennies takes a different path. This card gives you a 35% chance to earn 35% more copper, which is the currency you use to buy weapons, items, ammo, and team upgrades during a run. Back 4 Blood doesn’t give you first aid kits and weapons in every safe room for free like in Left 4 Dead, so if you want to live to fight another day, you’ll need as much copper as you can find. This card applies to your whole team, so you should always ensure that one player has it active.

Back 4 Blood mobility cards, including Cross Trainers and Superior Cardio

Best mobility cards in Back 4 Blood

If you are finding Back 4 Blood too slow and need a speed boost, look no further than Cross Trainers and Superior Cardio. These mobility cards will increase your stamina, stamina regen, sprint efficiency, and movement speed without a single negative effect. Not even one! They fit perfectly into any deck, so take advantage if you have a few empty spots that you need to fill.

If you like specific weapons, take a look through the mobility cards to find ones that compliment your playstyle. For example, Rolling Thunder will increase your speed and damage whilst using a shotgun. However, Cross Trainers and Superior Cardio are best for everyone, as they offer lots of bonuses and don’t require a specific playstyle or build.

Best defense cards in Back 4 Blood

No matter how much damage you can deal in Back 4 Blood, someone on your team will inevitably go down. This is where defense cards come in to help you pick up the pieces in a bad situation and keep on fighting. Inspiring Sacrifice makes the most of a rough patch, healing everyone by 25 health when someone on the team goes down. Like Lucky Pennies, this applies to everyone on the team, so only one person needs to have it equipped.

If you want to make the most of every bandage, Charitable Soul is one of the best defense cards around. Whenever you heal a teammate, this card applies 50% of the effect to you. This means you’ll get healed every time you use a bandage or painkillers on a teammate. This will boost your health and help you save healing items, as you should be able to get by without needing to heal yourself. Just wait for a teammate to lose health, and then jump in to heal them and get some sweet health points back for yourself.

Regardless of which character and build you are using, the cards above will fit into any deck and provide a huge boost. If you are looking for more help surviving the Ridden hordes, check out our tips and tricks for surviving Nightmare mode! If you aren’t sure how to get new cards in Back 4 Blood, take a look at our Supply Lines guide.

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