DirecTV will reportedly drop One America News Network from its platform when their agreement expires in April:

DirecTV plans to drop OANN, dealing a major blow to the conservative channel, @gerryfsmith reports

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) January 14, 2022

Details here:

Scoop: DirecTV plans to drop One America News Network, dealing a major blow to the conservative channel. https://t.co/89CyzcoMoX

— Gerry Smith (@gerryfsmith) January 15, 2022

This is a MAJOR blow to the network:

This is bigger than a social media suspension. https://t.co/moBadIiR8c

— Nu Wexler (@wexler) January 15, 2022

The vast majority of OANN’s viewers reportedly come from DirecTV:

One America News Network depends heavily on DirecTV, its largest distributor, to reach its audience. DirecTV notified OAN’s owner that it plans to stop carrying the company’s two channels when their contract expires in early April, @gerryfsmith scoops. https://t.co/uCUDeNSpoh

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) January 15, 2022

And 90% of its revenue:

That’s potentially a very big deal. OANN has said it gets 90% of its revenue from DirecTV owner AT&T. https://t.co/4R7m4Qnkef https://t.co/9WaCSGDks9

— Brad Heath (@bradheath) January 15, 2022

The CNN Wonder Twins seem happy about it:

DirecTV’s move will deal a significant blow to OAN. Not only will the fringe network be removed from the millions of households that use DirecTV as a television provider, it will also suffer a major hit to its revenue. My story with @brianstelter: https://t.co/qkXS4ZOO2w

— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) January 15, 2022

And there’s a reason for that:

CNN left-wing snarky media critic @BrianStelter likes to minimize with his OPINION is:@ATT owns @CNN @ATT owns @DIRECTV

Is @CNN worried about 90% drop in ratings since a year ago, so trying to deplatform competition?

Thanks Brian for exposing obvious conflict of interest. pic.twitter.com/zlPWEpNpW8

— RoadMN 📈 (@RoadMN) January 15, 2022

Libs are pushing for other providers to drop OANN as well:

Your move @verizonfios https://t.co/9TIHJh8HtV

— {{{The Lady Aye – The Lipstick Historian}}} (@TheLadyAye) January 15, 2022

Now, let’s see what the reaction is from the right:

Great time to DROP @DIRECTV. It’s actually horrible anyway. https://t.co/Yrl1u9KxpD

— David Wohl (@DavidWohl) January 15, 2022


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