Blac Chyna recently appeared on the Tamron Hall Show to celebrate her one-year sobriety. In an emotional moment, Chyna was joined by her mother, Tokyo Toni, who came out to show her support. 

Blac Chyna


In an emotional episode, Blac Chyna, also known as Angela White, recently appeared on the Tamron Hall Show to celebrate her one-year sobriety, where she was joined by her mother, Tokyo Toni. When Hall asked why she was crying, Chyna responded:

“I never thought I’d get to this point.”

During the interview, Chyna and Tokyo Toni delved into their relationship as mother and daughter, revealing a deeper connection. Tokyo spoke about her daughter’s growth, stating:

“What it does for me to see her growth, because Hollywood,  it does things to people, it changes you. And to see her be different, meaning in a bad way, I’m gonna go in, because I gotta pull her out. Tokyo continued, “Seeing her sober, no makeup, fillers gone, this is who I birthed, Angela.” 

Chyna took to Instagram to share pictures of her sobriety day, featuring her estranged mother and the gifts she received to commemorate the milestone. In the caption, Chyna expressed:

“September 14, 2023 marks my one-year of sobriety this year taught me a lot about myself. I made up my mind on September 14, 2022 that I was done with alcohol. This process is not easy but I did it, I plan on continuing practicing sobriety. I want to thank everybody that has been supporting me with this part of my journey. Angela White is unstoppable, smart, beautiful, brave, a great mother, and a great friend. I’m hoping that when you see this, this will inspire you if you are struggling with any addiction, just know that you can do it and you are worth it. God loves you. It’s so many different apps, and groups that can help you with this journey, and you’re not alone. I love you ~ Angela White, P.S. (I couldn’t wait to get this 1 year balloon).”

The media personality also thanked Tamron Hall for having her on the show, writing, “Thank you @tamronhallshow for having me on my 1-year Sobriety. I love my mama.” 

Chyna’s journey of self-growth and transformation has been highly transparent, where she has been open about her newfound faith and decision to quit OnlyFans. She has also made a significant change by reintroducing herself by her birth name, Angela White.

In addition to her sobriety celebration, she is set to appear on the new FOX series Special Forces to further reflect on her journey.

In a loosely related story, controversial figure Dr. Umar has sparked a debate with his plans to “transform” rapper and reality star Sukihana. Umar believes he can help Sukihana make a substantial change in her “raunchy” life, similar to the transformative journey that Blac Chyna has undergone.

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Blac Chyna

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