BNB tries to stay in the green as sell-off pressure increases

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Binance Coin [BNB]’s performance this year propelled it to the top of the charts with the cryptocurrency now sitting pretty at the number four position. Investors have been reassured by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao about the coin’s use case and what it can do for the digital asset ecosystem in the future.

BNB’s price action over the past week was indicative of the rest of the market: price corrections followed by the bear’s pull once again. At press time, Binance Coin was trading for $292 with a total market cap of $49.28 billion. The cryptocurrency still had some ways to go before catching up to its nearest competitor, Tether [USDT].

In the last hour, BNB climbed by 3.5 percent to elevate its daily trading volume to $1.86 billion. Technical analysis of the cryptocurrency showed marked changes in price behavior since the start of July.

BNB 1 hour:

bnb 1 hr 2

BNB’s new immediate support was created on the 20th when the cryptocurrency fell to $255.4. The Relative Strength Index [RSI] rallied to the overbought zone after crashing below the oversold zone earlier. This meant that there was an increased BNB buying pressure.

According to BNB’s Chaikin Money Flow indicator, the capital influx was almost equivalent to the money leaving the market. The Parabolic SAR sided with the bull as the markers stayed below the price candles.

BNB 1 day:

bnb 1 d 1

In the long term, BNB’s price had settled into a slow price action after the creation of the new support. A hold near the $300 mark was considered safe for the cryptocurrency as long as buying pressure increases.

Daily charts painted the picture of a cryptocurrency struggling to get out of the bear’s thumb. BNB has not been able to climb back to the overbought zone levels since the start of May. The CMF had fallen below the zero line for the first time in the month and the sharp incline indicated a massive sell-off.

Even the Parabolic SAR pointed to a bearish takeover as the markers continued to stay atop the candles.

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