The kicking woes continue for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas advanced to the Divisional Round with a victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it was not a perfect performance. Kicker Brett Maher missed four extra points in the win, and that called into question how the Cowboys would handle the kicking position against the San Francisco 49ers. The team did sign a kicker to the practice squad, but made the decision to roll with Maher for the game against San Francisco.

After Dallas fell behind 3-0 early, they reached the end zone on a touchdown pass from Dak Prescott to tight end Dalton Schultz. It was time for Maher’s first attempt of the game.

Again the Cowboys were left without the conversion, albeit for a different reason.

This time, Maher’s kick attempt was blocked by the 49ers’ kick block unit, but looking at the kick as it came off his foot, it seems like Maher’s kicking woes might continue.

Here is the live look at the kick:

If you look at the replay angle, however, it certainly looks like Maher is going to pull this kick wide to the left, even if it gets through the San Francisco front:

Prior to the game, Tom Rinaldi of FOX Sports reported that the Cowboys installed twice the amount of two-point plays this week, perhaps anticipating more kicking woes from Maher. Then in the pregame warmups, Maher struggled initially, before settling in at the end of practice.

Whether it was a pep talk from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that settled him, or an altercation with the 49ers — who took exception to Maher practicing on their side of the field — Maher finally found the groove near the end of his pregame kicking session.

Still, this first failed attempt is likely to change how the Cowboys approach extra-point situations throughout the rest of the game.

As for what it might to to Maher’s confidence?

Who knows if we even get the chance to find out.

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