Brydge’s New iPad Keybard Packs a Multi-Touch Trackpad and Otterbox Durability
A photo of the Brydge 10.2 MAX+ detachable iPad keyboard.

Brydge and Otterbox teamed up to design the new Brydge 10.2 MAX+, a detachable multi-touch keyboard case for the standard iPad (7th and 8th gen). It packs 4-foot drop protection, a new magnetic latch, the largest trackpad of any Brydge keyboard, and a 6-month battery life into a stylish $130 package.

The 10.2 MAX+ keyboard marks a milestone for Brydge, as it’s the company’s first iPad keyboard to launch with multi-touch gesture support. Apple recently added native trackpad support to iPadOS, along with a slew of multi-touch gestures that are inaccessible on other Brydge keyboards, though iPad keyboards from Logitech and Apple already offer multi-touch controls.

Of course, the 10.2 MAX+ takes a few durability cues from OtterBox. Aside from increased drop protection, it also features some new Magnetic SnapFit Clamps, which prevent your iPad and keyboard from separating—even when you’re careless.

Oddly enough, Brydge plans to add multi-touch to its Pro+ keyboards through a software update in April. But if you own the standard iPad and you want multi-touch gestures, then you gotta buy the Brydge 10.2 MAX+ or the more expensive Logitech Combo Touch. Pre-orders for the Brydge 10.2 MAX+ are available now, with expected arrival in late March or early April.

Source: Brydge via iMore

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