Chiefs superfan ‘X-factor’ knocked out during fan fight (Video)

Kansas City Chiefs fan known as 'X-factor.

Kansas City Chiefs fan known as ‘X-factor.” (Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

The Kansas City Chiefs fan known as “X-factor” was knocked out during a fight at Arrowhead Stadium after he allegedly threw a water bottle at other fans.

A fight in the stands during Sunday night’s marquee matchup between the Chiefs and Bills involved a recognizable figure.

The Kansas City superfan known as “X-factor” because of his memorable headgear appeared to be knocked out by a fellow Chiefs fan.

Chiefs superfan “X-factor” started a fight and got knocked out

According to users on Twitter, X-factor started the fight when he threw a bottle of water. The other fan was retaliating. The reaction of the crowd around them probably speaks to the reputation X-factor has in the Kansas City fanbase. He doesn’t appear to be well-liked.

Either way, this is Exhibit A and B for how not to act during a sporting event. Don’t throw things at other people. And don’t throw punches. It’s really not that hard to figure out.

Even if the guy you’re punching is the most unlikeable person on the planet, violence isn’t the answer. Call security and get the instigating force kicked out.

Sadly, this is a common occurrence not just as KC games but seemingly in every sports stadium in America these days.

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