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Mario Kart might be the one making headlines recently, but there is one other kart racer on the way. Chocobo GP launches exclusively on Switch on March 25th and while we’ve already seen a fair bit of footage of the game, there’s still more to learn about it.

In the latest update via social media, Square Enix focuses on the karts in the game and how there’ll be three different types of vehicles available. The three types will include standard model, grip model, and speed model – and each one has different stats. There also appears to be some cosmetic differences:

“@FinalFantasy There are three types of vehicles available in #ChocoboGP! There’s standard, speed and grip. Each model type offers different characteristics like high speed, acceleration, handling and more. Selecting the type that works best for your racing strategy is the key to victory!”

Chocobo Racing
Chocobo Racing
Chocobo Racing

Apart from this, Chocobo GP will include a story mode, 64-player knock-out tournaments, time attack and various other modes. There’ll also be a free ‘Lite’ version of the game to try out, that will even allow you to participate in multiplayer if you’ve got a friend with the full game.

Will you be taking to the track in the month of March? Tell us down below.

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