Crusader Kings 3’s first paid DLC is Norse-themed Northern Lords and it’s out on Tuesday

Adds new events, music, cosmetics, and more.

Developer Paradox’s superb Medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3 will be getting its first chunk of paid DLC – the Norse-themed Northern Lords Flavour Pack – this Tuesday, 16th March, and it’ll be accompanied by a significant free update on the same day.

As its name implies, the Northern Lords Flavour Pack is a smaller-scale offering rather than a fully fledged Crusader Kings 3 expansion, and is designed to make the era’s northern kingdoms – and the characters within – feel more distinct.

It will, for instance, introduce a range of new Viking-themed cosmetics, including new clothes and hairstyles for characters, plus new ships, units, and holding models for the map.

Crusader Kings 3’s Northern Lords Flavour Pack teaser trailer.

There’s also new music and a host of new region-appropriate scripted events, decisions, legacies, and innovations specific to those playing in the north.

Crusader Kings 3’s Northern Lords Flavour Pack arrives alongside a free update for all players when it launches on 16th March. Paradox has already detailed its most significant additions, including winter as a new gameplay feature, randomised poetry generation, and the ability to settle disputes through elaborate duels.

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