Cyber Monday CPU deals 2021: more chances to save on your next chipset

Cyber Monday CPU deals

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The best Cyber Monday CPU deals will do a lot to ensure that your computer is up to scratch, finding the best CPUs for gaming and making sure that your desktop PC is able to to run the best games around. If you can get those CPUs cheap and still make the best gaming PC possible? All the better.

Getting a CPU does a huge amount to revitalise your PC, but the way many desktops are set up means that staying up-to-date with CPUs is not as important as updating to the best graphics cards for gaming. That means you could get slightly older, last gen CPUs and still have a phenomenal gaming PC, something that pairs well with checking out the best Cyber Monday CPU deals, which often lower the costs of older models much more.

Mind you, if you’re looking to build a gaming PC from the ground up, then you should consider going prebuilt via Cyber Monday gaming PC deals instead. Graphics cards are highly priced these days, and buying your computer all-in-one might do a lot to shave off the amount of money you’re spending.

Where will the best Cyber Monday CPU deals be?

As we touched upon above, chipsets are one of the more readily available components in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Unfortunately, despite their steady supply, that doesn’t always mean that there will be deep deals on all the newest processors, so be wary of that going in. We’ve found that Amazon and Newegg have some of the better, and longer-lasting Cyber Monday CPU deals around. Here’s what you can currently expect from the biggest online retailers. 



 Massive selection of most popular models with frequent deals
Best Buy: Discounts common on newer Ryzen and 10th gen Intel CPUs
Newegg: Minor, but consistent sales on the newest gaming processors
Walmart: All the latest AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs are in stock



 CPU savings aren’t quite as substantial in the UK as in the US
eBuyer: Some of the better prices online for the newest chipsets
Currys: Few savings, but good bundle prices featuring the latest processors
Laptops Direct: The best discounts are on 9th and 10th generation Intel 

When will the Cyber Monday CPU deals start?

Cyber Monday is taking place on November 29 this year, however, given the trends that we’ve witnessed in recent years, it’s more likely that the Cyber Monday CPU deals will start as early as Saturday morning and concluding into the week succeeding the sales event (depending on the online retailer). 

Cyber Monday CPU deals: What to expect

Cyber Monday CPU deals are at their strongest when considering previous-gen processors over the newest models on the market. For example, in the previous year’s sales, we saw the super-powerful Intel Core i9-10700k discounted to $389.99 from its original listing price of $540 – for a massive $140 off. Last year, there weren’t really any substantial savings on AMD Ryzen chipsets when Cyber Monday came around, so if you’re after one of the latest processors from the red team, we would advise looking for those deals in the Black Friday sales instead.

Is it worth waiting until Cyber Monday to buy a new CPU?

Cyber Monday CPU deals aren’t likely to be as deep as what will be available on Black Friday, because of this, we recommend aiming to buy a new processor on Friday as the discounts will be better in most instances. If you’re holding out for hearty savings on the AMD Ryzen 5000 series, then we strongly urge you to keep an eye on what’s unfolding earlier in the week, as, should those chipsets go on sale then, it’s all but certain to be reserved for before the weekend. With that said, if you’re got your eye on older CPU models, then Cyber Monday could yield some great discounts. 

Cyber Monday CPU deals

(Image credit: Intel)

Today’s best CPU Deals

Our price comparison software is primed and ready to bring you the best deals on some of our favorite CPUs for gaming this side of Cyber Monday. 

The AMD Ryzen 5 5600x is our top pick for the best CPU for gaming for its outstanding performance and relatively low price point. If you’re looking to go more high-end in your next build, then there’s very little that can challenge the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x right now. Of course, Intel has its fair share of competition, too. The i5-11600k is all the processing power you need in a gaming machine, but the i7-9700K is still exceptional at just about everything, and it’s frequently on sale as well.

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