Dana White backpedals on fighter health benefits statement

A promising piece of news came from the UFC’s end last week. During an Instagram Q&A, Dana White was asked if the company would ever offer full-time health benefits to its fighters, which the boss responded to with one word: “Soon.”

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If you’re a UFC fighter, this most recent update could dash your hopes. In a recent interview with UFC Arabia’s Farah Hannoun, White went on to clarify that brief Instagram exchange.

I responded to the wrong guy when I said ‘Soon.’ That was wrong, actually. I actually noticed that later when I said ‘Soon,’ but it was on the wrong post. I wasn’t talking to that guy. It was somebody else.

The UFC does have some health benefits in place for active fighters. In 2011, it began implementing its Customized Accident Insurance Program. The policy basically states that the UFC will cover expenses on accidental injuries, whether they were sustained during training or otherwise.

The company, however, seems to be lacking in long-term health benefits. Last June, a disgruntled Tim Sylvia bemoaned the UFC’s supposed refusal to help him shoulder medical expenses to treat a lingering infection from his 2004 arm injury. Thanks to a GoFundMe campaign set up by his fianceé, the former heavyweight champion was able to undergo surgery.

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