Daniel Cormier: ‘Not a Good Look’ for Floyd Mayweather to Go 8 Rounds With Logan Paul

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Former UFC star Daniel Cormier wasn’t impressed with what he saw from Floyd Mayweather in Mayweather’s exhibition with Logan Paul on Sunday night.

Cormier tweeted that it was “not a good look for Floyd” that he and Paul went the distance for eight rounds.

Daniel Cormier @dc_mma

Hats off to Logan Paul. He went 8 rounds with greatest boxer ever. Not a good look for Floyd.

Mayweather may not care all that much since his primary goal was to make as much money as possible. The 44-year-old told TMZ Sports he expects to receive between $50 million and $100 million when all is said and done.

The unbeaten legend may have missed the forest for the trees, though. As much as his name alone can carry a pay-per-view card, fans may not be all that enthusiastic to purchase another fight after his performance Sunday.

Mayweather successfully turned himself into a villain, which meant he could adopt a defensive style, avoid losing, and still leave the fans wanting more. Fans would tune in again with the hope he would finally get laid out.

That formula doesn’t necessarily work against inexperienced opponents who stand little chance of beating him. In this case, some viewers likely hoped to see something else from Mayweather and were left underwhelmed.

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