Dashlane Relaunches Its One Click Service to Change All Your Passwords at Once
A Dashlane password manager with a notification that 6 passwords were changed.

These days it feels like it’s only a matter of time before the next service you rely on gets breached and your password info gets stolen. If you reuse passwords, that’s a bad thing. Stop it. But if you rely on Dashlane’s password manager app, the process of changing your passwords is about to get easier. As in, one click, and you’re done.

Dashlane did already have a one-click service for changing passwords, but it’s become unreliable and often didn’t work right over the years. That’s because previously, Dashlane did all the work on its servers. You’d click the button, and it would trawl through your account lists and reach out on your behalf to change your passwords—no need to visit a website to do the work yourself.


Not only does that come with some privacy concerns (Dashlane generates the password on its server), but more and more websites rejected the attempt as they began checking location for password changes. The website would see that Dashlane’s server is somewhere very different than you usually are and assume the worst. Which is a good thing overall.


With Dashlane’s overhaul, just entering beta, that all changes. Instead of doing the work from its servers, all the password change attempts come from your device. That solves both the privacy issue and the location at the same time. Click the button, and your app will go through your accounts and change every password to something unique. If you prefer, you can change just one particular password automatically.

Or at least try, anyway. Every website is different and calls for its own security settings. Dashlane is working with websites to overcome any issues, but it likely won’t change every password you have. Where it can’t, it’ll notify you. And if a site calls for two-factor authentication, then you’ll have to do a bit of work to provide the one-time code.

Dashlane’s One-Click Password changer is in beta now, and Dashlane subscribers can sign up at the company’s site.

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