, one of the most popular dating platforms to date, officially joined the Web3 world! The company launched its own metaverse dating experience this week, allowing singles to get together virtually. In order to celebrate the new feature, three couples will get married right in the heart of the metaverse!

The popular platform enters the Web3 world with its own metaverse.

What is the metaverse experience?

The leading virtual dating platform has officially launched a metaverse dating experience. From now on, users will be able to enjoy dating regardless of their physical location. The new metaverse offers plenty of fun activities and venues – all in a romantic atmosphere.

To celebrate its unique launch, the platform will host three weddings of real intercontinental couples who met on Accordingly, anyone can attend the metaverse ceremonies. If you want to attend the event, though, you’d better prepare your best wearables – a formal dress code is mandatory!

“We’re pleased to be the first dating site to unveil our virtual dating metaverse,” said KJ Dhaliwal, Chief Strategy Officer of Dating Group. “We’re looking forward to seeing users continue to make global connections in this new space.”   

image of a street with hot air balloons from the metaverse experience
The new metaverse will offer many entertaining dating experiences in a romantic setting.

NFTs and dating: what else can you check out?’s metaverse is undoubtedly a ground-breaking Web3 project. However, there are more you should pay attention to!

For example, the dating app Bumble has been working on its Web3 dedicated platform since 2021. Accordingly, the giant Tinder showed some interest in NFTs too – but their plans didn’t come to reality just yet.

If you’re a BAYC holder, though, this is your lucky day! This month, Year 4000 Labs announced the launch of the Lonely Ape Dating Club. This unique dating app aims to connect BAYC collectors using the same concept as Tinder. Our post on the Bored Ape dating app covers everything you should know!

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