David Goggins Says He Regularly Does Two-Hour Assault Bike Workouts

Author and motivational speaker David Goggins notoriously goes hard in the gym, and famously never skimps on his cardio. He coined the Goggins challenge, which involves running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours, while YouTubers and athletes alike have hit their limits trying to emulate the fitness routines he came up with to lose weight and get into peak physical shape during his Navy SEAL training.

Goggins is, in other words, a man with very little he needs to prove to anyone. “I don’t brag about what I do, it’s between me and the machine,” he said in a recent gym video on Instagram. All the same, it appears that one person in particular expressed some doubts as to the trut intensity of Goggins’ workouts, and so Goggins proceeded to call out the “professional boxer” in question and broke down his cardio routine, explaining that he did 45 minutes on a stairclimber before hitting the assault bike at over 80 RPM, and backed it up by showing his numbers on-camera.

“I’ve been averaging between 81 and 85 RPMs… There is no sweat, because I’ve only been doing it for 27 minutes!” He said. “I’m just giving you a sneak peek, brother. So whenever you want some, professional boxer, you’re gonna end up in fucking cardiac arrest trying to keep up with me. Stay hard, but make sure you’re smart before you challenge me.”

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In a video which he posted to Instagram earlier this year, Goggins shared how he has continually motivated himself to work out for the last 20 years, and explained that he “doesn’t negotiate” with himself when it comes to his health and fitness.

“If you are a person who wakes up everyday wondering why you are in the same position you have been in for years, I can almost guarantee you it is because you were in the negotiation phase of your life for too long,” he said. “Life requires an abundant amount of action. There is no action taken in the negotiation and explaining away phase.”

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