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The love affair between the meme token, Dogecoin, and the Tesla founder has been a never-ending one.

Global media coverage has been attracted by Elon Musk’s enormous takeover of Twitter. One day before the deadline, on October 27, 2022, Musk finalized the deal by paying $44 billion for Twitter.

The long-awaited “Verified” service from the social media behemoth will probably go live next week, Elon Musk revealed on Twitter on Friday. Similarly to that, different colored check marks will be given out based on the type of account.

Musk recently revealed a slide from a Twitter corporate session in one of his tweets. “Twitter 2.0,” marketed as “The Everything App,” was presented by Musk. Musk also disclosed a few of the brand-new features, such as payments, long-form tweets, and the relaunch of blue verified, and encrypted direct messages (DMs).

Everyone is interested in his tweet’s payment section. Everyone wonders what will go here since it was left unfilled. Everybody is familiar with Musk and his passion for cryptocurrencies, especially Dogecoin. Many even believe that Twitter 2.0 will support Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment.

Dogecoin Price hike due to Musk’s Tweet?

Elon Musk’s preferred cryptocurrency is Dogecoin. It was hoped that the Twitter acquisition would increase the uptake of DOGE. The DOGE community also anticipated that Musk will take DOGE as payment and feature DOGE as a tipping option.

With consistently rising quantities, the pricing clearly created an ascending ladder. As the impact of the news is felt equally by the market’s two driving forces—sellers and buyers—it rises, resting briefly before continuing. All of the EMAs are left behind as the price level rises, moving above them in the process.

Whales or market makers always move ahead of price increases.
The price of $DOGE has risen by nearly 8% in the past 2 hours.
And the largest whale of $DOEG transferred 300M $DOGE($30M) 5 hours ago.
@elonmusk did you pull the price up?


The king of meme coins, Dogecoin, has risen by 8% in the last two hours. Value has undoubtedly increased in anticipation of DOGE being incorporated into Elon’s social media juggernaut.

The trading volume of DOGE has increased by 84% during the past 24 hours as well. Over the past 30 days, DOGE has performed remarkably well, reaching $0.1572 for the meme coin.

It’s possible that the price of the meme coin will increase if Musk tweets about adding DOGE as a payment method.

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