Dr. Philip Sobash Gives Back with His Mentoring Program to Pre-Med Students

Batesville, AR, October 26, 2021 –(PR.com)– Enrolling in US medical school is challenging. The essay writing, interview and other test requirements have denied many premedical students an opportunity to gain admission. Dr. Philip Sobash, enjoying a celebrated career, has decided to contribute to the next generation of doctors via an effective mentorship program. To spread the news about student mentorship, Dr. Sobash organized a meeting where he discussed in detail the mentorship to a large audience.

“Experience, they say, is the best teacher. I have first hand experience with medical schools in the United States, which prompted me to organize this mentorship for current students. Mentoring is reserved for students in premedical classes. It is for those looking forward to enrolling in medical school. Our discussion with students goes beyond medical licensing exams in the United States. We also dive into mentoring students on the effects of the licensing exams on a selection of residency and various specialties. Mentoring goes beyond what most medical students think about the medical field. To connect with other medical professionals, I am an active member of the Clemson University alumni database Tiger Link,” said Dr. Philip.

“The essence of the Clemson University alumni database website is to allow professionals to connect. It is where professionals are allowed to connect and share their perceived interests and opportunities in mentorship. There is an opportunity for students interested in learning essentials in getting admitted into medical school in the United States via our mentorship. The door is open for anyone interested in benefiting from our mentorship program,” added Dr. Philip Sobash.

The participants in the meeting were delighted with the speech of Dr. Sobash. One participant with a heart of gratitude, Tom Snyder, said, “I am interested in the mentorship program from Dr. Sobash for many reasons. The first one is that he is the epitome of humanity, as he gives his best to groom and encourage his students. I am one of the students that is currently enjoying his mentorship. He has helped many students assess their medical school applications by teaching them what they should be doing now as we prepare to apply for medical school. More so, he helped me understand the best way to improve my application into a United States medical school. Possibly, more students will stand a chance of benefiting from mentorship following this announcement.”

Anyone interested in enrolling in the United States medical school can learn to help their application through Dr. Sobash’s mentorship program. Learning more about this mentorship program is possible, and those interested should check his official site or social media page.

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