‘Dystopian’: District’s parental consent form authorizes school to collect information on everything about your child

Jason Bedrick is director of policy at EdChoice, and he’s posted a parental consent form from the Scottsdale Unified School District that seems like one of those things you’d just click to sign electronically and be on your way. This one’s worth reading, though; the form authorizes the school district to collect information on just about everything about your child, from quality of home and personal relationships to something about gun and ammunition ownership.

This parental consent form from Scottsdale Unified School District is like something from a dystopian novel. pic.twitter.com/ghCYSTXO2v

— Jason Bedrick (@JasonBedrick) July 21, 2021

In case that image got cut off:

What the hell is “illegal, antisocial or self-incriminating behavior critical appraisal of individuals within a close relationship and gun/ammunition ownership”?

It’s like something from the fevered nightmares of Alex Jones — you want my kids’ biometric info and to know whether I own guns?

But some bureaucrats actually thought this was a good idea.

— Jason Bedrick (@JasonBedrick) July 21, 2021

Speaking of bureaucrats, some think that just because it’s opt-in that it’s totally okay for the government to be collecting all this info about kids and their families. https://t.co/J4wyyGwU3X

— Jason Bedrick (@JasonBedrick) July 21, 2021

It feels violating to read this

— Gotham_Knowledge (@GothamKnowledge) July 21, 2021

I’m puzzled why someone would sign this.

— RhythmDoc (@RhythmDoc01) July 21, 2021

I wouldn’t.

— Avolare (@Avolare2) July 21, 2021

It’s called Social Emotional Learning and it’s organized and it’s equity based re-education camp type of stuff

— Seth (@think__thank) July 21, 2021

I would not sign this thing.

— John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (@debeehr) July 21, 2021

Can you refuse to sign this part, or is it all or nothing?

— Elaine (@elbh) July 21, 2021

“Income or other family information”
So basically, anything about your family. Anything at all.

— Jim (@jim_again) July 21, 2021

Not anything, everything.

— Generic Conservative Takes (@NettedDolphin) July 21, 2021


— Polly Karr (@karr_pe) July 21, 2021


— Frank DeGarcia (@FrankDeGarcia) July 21, 2021

No. Effing. Way.

— Brandon Smith (@SerfingItUp) July 21, 2021

I would decline.

— Yo Gamma Gamma The Combative Flufferbot (@Flufferbot2) July 21, 2021

This can’t be real

— Sunny (@sunandfog) July 21, 2021

What in the hell? Would they like my DNA too?

— ♦️RitaBabyBoomer45♦️ (@RBoomer45) July 21, 2021

Why people still have their kids in government schools is beyond me. Time for every rational, thinking American to homeschool.

— add your name (@LLC2022) July 21, 2021

Is there a GFY on the dropdown tab?

— Ignazio (@IgnazioChicago) July 21, 2021

If you are willing to let the government educate your children, you shouldn’t be angry or surprised by this.

— Rob McNealy (@RobMcNealy) July 21, 2021

I don’t. But I do think district schools parents are justifiably upset by this.

— Jason Bedrick (@JasonBedrick) July 21, 2021

but if your son identifies as a girl at school, they won’t tell you.

— I can Tweet Moo! Can you? (@CtzCow) July 21, 2021


— Erin (@erinnh_123) July 21, 2021

Have you spoken with your neighbors and the parents of your children’s friends? Is everyone appalled by this or just us crazy most libertarians?

— Ross Levatter (@rlevatter) July 21, 2021

Ordinary parents are fired up.

— Jason Bedrick (@JasonBedrick) July 21, 2021

Dear @ScottsdaleUSD, your invasive, dystopian & likely illegal, “consent” form is… pic.twitter.com/HUCI4XOC8Q

— CathleenO (@cmortolani) July 21, 2021


— Semantic Overlord (@chuck_finnnnn) July 21, 2021

As someone said in the comments, it might make a difference if parents trusted public schools anymore, but they’ve thrown away their credibility along with the media.


Joy Reid says those ‘radicalized parent activists’ who are ‘targeting school boards’ are tied up with QAnon https://t.co/bc3fokcPX4

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) July 8, 2021

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