As the holiday season approaches, Entourage Phytolab’s Entourage Liquid Fusionner™ – Hemp Extract, a groundbreaking oral solution, could enhance wellness during the most hectic time of the year.

Entourage Liquid Fusionner™ is more than just a product; it’s a testament to the benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract. Leveraging the “entourage effect,” which capitalizes on the synergy between the plant’s various compounds, this product delivers increased therapeutic potential, efficacy, and safety. It’s an ideal solution for various demographics, including hard-working individuals coping with stress, the elderly with sleep disturbances and generic pain, excited children and teenagers, and women experiencing premenstrual tension symptoms or migraines.

What sets Entourage Liquid Fusionner™ apart is its proprietary “Fusionner” technology. This cutting-edge method ensures a 50% increase in bioavailability, fast onset of effects within 15 minutes, and a “T-max” (time to maximum concentration in the bloodstream) of 1.6 hours. Moreover, the product can be conveniently diluted in liquids like water or juice.

In addition to Entourage Liquid Fusionner™, the company offers Entourage Gel Cap Fusionner™ – Daily Use, and Entourage Gel Cap Fusionner™ – Night Use, catering to different needs and lifestyles.

Entourage Phytolab, founded in 2015 by Caio Abreu, has been a pioneer in hemp-based products. The company is committed to providing pharmaceutical-grade products supported by extensive research and innovation. With Entourage Liquid Fusionner™, Entourage Phytolab continues to redefine industry standards, prioritizing health and well-being during the holiday season and beyond.

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About Entourage Phytolab

Founded in 2015 by Caio Abreu, Entourage Phytolab is a pioneering company in the world of hemp-based products. With a vision to provide pharmaceutical-grade products backed by rigorous research and innovation, the company is set to redefine standards in the industry.

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