Ethereum steals investor’s favor as Bitcoin outflows intensify

While investors have remained cautious due to the tepid market conditions, they have turned toward Ethereum now. According to the latest ‘Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly’ edition by CoinShares, the world’s largest altcoin, Ethereum witnessed its third 3rd consecutive week of inflows right ahead of its London upgrade next month. In fact, last week’s inflows went up to $11.7 million. This brings the year-to-date inflows near the coveted $1 billion mark.

This comes amidst the digital asset investment products experiencing a rather dull week with minimal net inflows totaling just $2.9 million last week. Inflows to Bitcoin have halted due to severe sell pressure and instead, the outflow has gained traction, a trend that was seen over the last two weeks. The total outflow figures have reached $10.4 million.

However, CoinShares revealed that the outflows are minimal relative to the massive figures observed in May and June this year. Interestingly, even as the market traded poorly the nature of inflows and outflows across different providers was found to be mixed. Hence, the platform stated that it believes the timing of the rollouts of some investment products in the recent weeks, which helped investors to accrue market access for the first time, has induced profit-taking rounds.


Meanwhile, a similar pattern was seen in the rest of the cryptocurrency market as well. For tokens such as XRP, Polkadot [DOT], Cardano [[ADA], and Stellar [XLM] all had inflows that were less than $0.5 million each. The report also mentioned,

“Volumes in Bitcoin fell to just 38% of the year-todate average, totalling US$3.9bn per day last week. We do not believe this represents something ominous in the market as we saw similar seasonal dips in volumes during the summer months in recent years.”

Ethereum increasingly becoming popular among institutions

Almost $100 billion was wiped off the entire cryptocurrency market in 24 hours as it remained jittery. Despite many alternatives, Ethereum fortifies the infrastructure of a rapidly growing crypto decentralized finance [DeFi] ecosystem. Several applications are being built on top of this new finance system that pushed the entire blockchain marketplace to new heights.

Hence, high-profile financial institutions are not only building the infrastructure to invest in Bitcoin but have also started expanding their footprint across the Ethereum network with the hope that the demand for this digital asset will soar as the applications created on top of them develop.

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