Keyshia Cole

For years people have spoken about the “Keyshia Cole gap” era, and she has decided to be a gap beauty again! 

KC shocked fans when she hopped on live Tuesday night and showed a gap when she smiled. Y’all know we had to catch up with her to see what brought this about. 

In an exclusive statement to The Shade Room, K. Cole revealed her gap returned ‘cause she’s playing herself after the age of 25 in her upcoming biopic that starts filming next month. She stated:

I’m getting in character… we start filming in Oakland on the 1st of next month [December].

She also revealed that she will play herself after 25.

Keyshia Cole brought the gap back, big Luda got his braids and started rapping again. I almost feel like a teenager again.

— Mahogany, like the wood. 🪵🤎 (@buttercuparies) November 23, 2022

And I’ll be playing myself after the age of 25.

As you know, when K. Cole dropped “I Should’ve Cheated” in 2005, she had a gap but closed it a few years later. The singer says she contemplated bringing her gap back before the movie.

I was already contemplating on getting it before the movie came about, but now that we’re filming, I decided to make that jump.

The Bay Area songstress also shared that she “just wanted to perfect what she didn’t like about it [referring to her gap].” The mother of two also shared that she felt her teeth were “really small” and she was “a full grown woman.”

KC also shared the cost for the procedure was over $8,000 and she’ll be keeping it this time.

Roomies, what y’all think about it?

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