Fat Joe Calls DaBaby The Modern-Day Version Of 2Pac, DaBaby Agrees

Fat Joe has ruffled the feathers of 2Pac fans with his recent comparison of DaBaby to the late rap icon.

During his visit to Rap City ’21, Fat Joe was asked by host Big Tigger to name modern artists he thought compared to a list of legendary rap artists he reeled off, which included the likes of Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, E-40, and MC Hammer. However, when 2Pac’s name was mentioned, Fat Joe mulled over the question for a bit before answering with DaBaby.

His pick drew criticism from fans on social media who argued that the “Rock Star” rapper couldn’t compare musically to Pac. Some also pointed to DaBaby’s controversial comments about the LGBTQIA+ community and those living with sexually transmitted diseases, speculating that Pac wouldn’t have made such ludicrous and insensitive comments if he were alive at this time.

After catching wind of Joe Crack’s comparison, DaBaby agreed with the Bronx native’s assessment in the caption of a repost of the clip on his own Instagram page, adding, “But they gone salt that down too Crack,” a reference to his detractors in the aftermath of his infamous Rolling Loud performance.

In addition to his comparison of DaBaby and Pac, Joe’s other picks got less backlash, as he crowned Kendrick Lamar as the closest thing to Jay-Z, mentioned E-40 and Rod Wave in the same breath, and also gave a nod to Coney Island spitters Nems, whom the Terror Squad leader says reminds him of himself.

“Yeah, there is a new Fat Joe. Nems,” he told Tigger. “This guy’s crazy, when I see him, I see me.” However, two artists the media darling couldn’t come up with comparisons to were the aforementioned Ms. Hill and MC Hammer, citing Hill’s standing as arguably the greatest female rapper of all time and the lack of dancing ability among today’s rap stars as reasons for his befuddlement.

Watch Fat Joe’s appearance on Rap City ’21 below. His responses to Tigger begin at the 2:40 mark.

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