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7 Eleven Onigiri
Image: Lowell Bell / Nintendo Life

Pokémon – both the games and the anime – have always featured food prominently. Moomoo milk, sodapops, slowpoke tails, and more recently curry mixes and sandwiches – there’s no end to the edible and drinkable in the Pokéworld.

We’ve even covered Pokéfood before on Nintendo Life, both reviewing Japan-exclusive actual donuts and ranking the ‘mons we’d find the tastiest. Those ancient Pokémon fans among us might even recall that during Ash, Brock, and Misty’s early adventures, they often dined on what they called donuts. These white-and-black triangle-shaped pastries were actually rice balls — onigiri — dubbed ‘donuts’ in the English version of the show as kids presumably wouldn’t know onigiri from fried dough.

We’ve now come full circle with Poké Ball onigiri released by 7-Eleven Japan to commemorate Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Yes, these are real rice balls and not donuts, and we managed to snag one of each flavour before the noontime rush scooped them all up (onigiri sells out quickly no matter where in Japan you are).

And much like we did with the Pokémon donuts, we’ve gone ahead and reviewed all three flavours: Pokéball, Great Ball, and Ultra Ball.

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