Floyd Mayweather is currently the richest boxer in the world even after retiring from the sport back in 2017. This is because the majority of his wealth can be attributed to his sound financial investments along with the promotional talents that have garnered him a wealth that could last for generations.

Moreover, Mayweather revealed one such investment which according to him is worth billions. In an interview before his exhibition bout against Logan Paul, he stated that he was doing very well financially and making investments in various sectors, including real estate and tech. “I’m well off every property that I have is paid for. My jet is paid for, all my cars are paid for, and I own billion dollars, billion-dollar buildings. I own so much property and I’m steady investing in different things. I’m invested in the tech world, I made a lot of smart investments,” he said.


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Conor McGregor’s investments compared to Mayweather’s property ownership

Money’s long-time rival and UFC superstar Conor McGregor is seemingly following Mayweather’s footsteps after it was reported that he also made some investments in real estate. Back in 2021, McGregor purchased a bar in Dublin spending  $3.2 million on it. The former UFC champ bought the Black Forge Inn for $2.1 million in 2020 before spending an additional $1.1 million renovating the establishment. The following year he purchased the Marble Arch for close to $2 million. This is all part of McGregor’s plan to establish a chain of bars across Ireland and eventually move to international markets.


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However, this pales in comparison to Mayweather’s property investment with billions. Although McGregor might make some headway in the business world, he is still lagging behind Mayweather by a long shot.

Floyd Mayweather confirms his next exhibition in Dubai


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Following his emphatic over Mikuru Asakura Mayweather is now set to compete in another exhibition bout. He will fight the YouTube star, Deji, on November 13, in Dubai, which was confirmed just after his victory. Mirror Fighting reported that talks of a fight between Mayweather and Deji were underway. However, the official announcement came after the exhibition in Japan.

Jun 6, 2021; Miami, Florida, USA; Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Green Trunks) fights Logan Paul (Yellow Trunks) during an exhibition boxing match. Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vin love-USA TODAY Sports

The bout is set to take place at Coca-Cola Arena, which can hold up to 17,000 fans. This might be a fun exhibition as Deji recently proved that he does have good skills after his victory over ‘Fousey’ Erakat on the undercard of his brother’s event. Moreover, even at 45 years old, Mayweather could test himself against a younger but inexperienced opponent.


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