Fortnite Season 6 teaser leaked early by Xbox


A few concepts for Fortnite Season 6 skins have been leaked early. Take a look at all of them and see what you think.


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March 10, 2021

Fortnite season 6 leaked skins early

Fortnite Season 6 is almost here, and it looks like one of the studios working on the new skins jumped the gun and posted the concepts. Here’s everything we know.

Fortnite is no stranger to leaks. Each patch comes with a laundry list of leaked cosmetics before they hit the Item Shop. In most cases, data miners even find the “secret” seasonal Fortnite skins before they become widely available.

Once in a while, a third-party will release something a bit early. Usually, this is a platform like Xbox and PlayStation. For Season 6, it seems to be the art studio that created the skins in the first place.

According to reports, Kevuru Games – the studio working on some Season 6 skins – posted them to their ArtStation account. The post has been live for some time, but reputable data miners within the community only recently caught on.

Fortnite Season 6 leaked skins

These Fortnite Season 6 skins were leaked via the studio’s ArtStation account.

What we know:

– Kevuru Games has created several Fortnite skins in the past

– 99% NOT Battle Pass skins

– A few or all of these could be scrapped concepts

What do you think?

— Fortnite News (@FortniteINTEL) March 10, 2021

Kevuru Games have worked with Epic on several Fortnite skins in the past, but never any Battle Pass skins – as far as we’re aware. Based on everything we know, these are almost certainly Item Shop skins. Of course, there’s a chance that some of them could be included in the Battle Pass.

Interestingly, the ArtStation post has been up for eight days and continues to be there at the time of writing. We’re not sure when some or all of these skins will come to Fortnite, but we can expect to see a few of them in the Season 6 patch on March 16.

Keep in mind that these skins could be scrapped concepts, and we may only see one or two of them in the game. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more.

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5 days ago


March 6, 2021

Fortnite Ant-Man skin teaser

Epic Games have revealed the first look at what’s expected to be an upcoming Ant-Man skin in Fortnite, but you’ll have to be looking closely at their teasers to spot him.

The Fortnite developers are continuing their relentless spree of crossovers, especially with superhero skins, and it looks like we’re getting another one very soon.

This time around, it’s the tiny Ant-Man. On March 6, Epic Games tweeted an image Domino, Cable, and Psylocke, but look closer, and you’ll spot someone else there too.

Over the seasons, many Marvel Heroes and Villains have made their way to the Island. But it looks like we may have forgotten one.

Any guesses who it might be?

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) March 6, 2021

Sitting on Cable’s arm, we can make out the tiny hero.

And that’s not the only teaser for Ant-Man. In a second image, we can see him standing on the tip of the sword.

We’d assume that Ant-Man will actually be the regular character model size when the skin is playable in game – or else it would be the most powerful skin around (although not sure how he’d hold any weapons).

Unfortunately, we can’t make out the finer details of the skin as the images show him so small.

When is the Fortnite Ant-Man skin release date?

We don’t have the exact release date for the Ant-Man skin yet unfortunately. But, just based on previous teasers, we wouldn’t expect the wait to be too long.

Usually after a new portal is added in-game, and teasers start dropping, it’s only a matter of days before we can get our hands of the skin.

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1 week ago


March 2, 2021

Fortnite v15.50 update leaked skins

Epic Games have rolled out their first update in a few weeks, with the arrival of Fortnite patch v15.50, and a number of skins and cosmetics have leaked as a result.

These weekly updates were never missed in times gone by, however Fortnite Chapter 2 has been a lot more inconsistent in that sense. Some weeks there is a huge update with map changes, new crossovers and challenges – while others will just make very minor bug changes.

You can always read about what to expect from the patch here on Fortnite Intel, and alongside those patch notes, let’s run through some of the game’s unreleased outfits.

Fortnite’s most recent crossover was with Street Fighter and Alien, but what’s next?

On March 2, once the downtime began, a number of leakers started looking into the game’s files to see what had changed. To their surprise, with just two weeks left in the season, not much had been tweaked in terms of content.

However, we do have some leaked skins and cosmetics to dig through – courtesy of Lucas7Yoshi and VastBlast.

Fortnite leaked skins and cosmetics from v15.50 update


Midas female GoldenTouch bundle


So, there you have it! Those are all of the newest unreleased skins in the Fortnite world, some of which may actually roll out following the latest update.

Keep an eye out on the Fortnite Item Shop and you never know, one or two may appear there in the near future.

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