Fortnite X Batman comic leads to speculation over Season 6 crossover


New Fortnite Batman comics have fueled speculation over a DC Universe-themed Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 6.


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Fortnite X Batman crossover

After the release of the Fortnite X Batman comic book, fans are speculating that Season 6 will be DC-themed.

Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers. In fact, the last two seasons of Fortnite have been full of crossovers. Season 5 saw characters from DC, Marvel, God of War, Halo, Predator, Terminator, and many others. Before that, Season 4 had an entire Marvel theme.

We’ve seen a lot of DC characters come to Fortnite as well. Batman, Catwoman, The Joker, Poison Ivy, The Flash, and Aquaman are just a few of the one-off characters that came to Fortnite. After all of these crossovers, Epic finally released a comic book that ties the worlds together.

Fortnite X DC Universe crossover

There’s a ton of lore information in this comic that brings Fortnite and the DC Universe together. Epic have positioned Fortnite to be a hub for all different realities, and the DC Universe is just one stemming from it.

More interesting for a lot of players is what all of this means for Fortnite Season 6. If you remember, we got some official Fortnite Marvel comics ahead of Season 4 – the all-Marvel Fortnite season. Could Epic be doing the same thing with Batman and DC?

– Possible collab skin in Season 6? –

Deathstroke could be a new skin in Season 6! In the comics, Batman finds a deadly & “familiar hunter-for-hire” on the Island.

This description perfectly fits Deathstroke from the DC universe! (Information by @fortnite_stw & @marcowrites)

— ShiinaBR – Fortnite Leaks (@ShiinaBR) March 9, 2021

As we said, there are already a lot of popular DC characters in Fortnite, but some big names are still on the table. Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, and more are still available for Fortnite skins – not to mention the long list of popular DC villains.

Of course, this is only speculation and we won’t know more until Season 6 releases on March 16. It’s a safe bet that Fortnite will continue to add characters from the DC Universe, though, whether or not the Battle Pass has a full DC theme.

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Fans are connecting the dots with the Fortnite Season 5 portals, suggesting that Epic are teasing the return of Kevin the Cube.


3 weeks ago


February 19, 2021

Fortnite Season 5 mirrors a lot of the themes from its Chapter 1 counterpart. Some fans are using the new portals to suggest that Kevin could make his return to the game soon.

The plotline of Fortnite is one of the more convoluted stories in gaming. We think we’ve generally cracked the format that Fortnite is using, but that doesn’t mean that we know exactly what’s going to happen.

One of the most iconic characters in Fortnite is the giant cube that appeared on the map during Chapter 1 Season 5. The community named the cube Kevin, and Epic later adopted the name and added it to the story.

Most fans assume that Kevin will return to Fortnite at some point, but when? Well, some players are connecting the Season 5 portals to the return of Kevin – possibly at the end of the current season or at the beginning of next.

Season 5 Portals hint at Kevin’s return

One common Fortnite theory is that Kevin is located in the redacted bunker in the southeast of the map. The bunker is located in the exact spot where Kevin first appeared in Chapter 1, which is the primary fact behind this theory.

As Season 5 progresses, the bounty hunter portals that have opened around the map started to take shape. A few Fortnite theorists, including u/trewasqo, connected these dots to make a cube. Of course, this would point to Kevin’s return to the Fortnite map.

This is probably intentional on the part of Epic, but it could be that fans are using confirmation bias to make these portals fit the theme. One more portal could appear before the end of the season and wreck the whole theory.

Fortnite players had a similar observation during Chapter 1. When you look at all of the corrupted areas left by Kevin, you could form a cube around the map. Similar to Season 5, there were seven corrupted areas and seven runes – just like the seven portals that are now on the Chapter 2 map.

This could be considered a bit of a reach on the part of fans, but anything’s possible. We’d be shocked if Kevin never returned to Fortnite, so whether or not this theory is true doesn’t matter. Kevin will almost certainly be back, whether or not Epic are intentionally hinting at his return.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Only time will tell.


The most recent Fortnite Season 5 update added new voice lines to the game, suggesting the Zero Point will have a role in the Season 5 event.


3 weeks ago


February 16, 2021

Fortnite Voice lines point to event

The Fortnite v15.40 update released some new and leaked NPC voice lines that hint towards a massive season-ending event to close Season 5.

Fortnite Season 4 was a standalone season, in many ways. Instead of focusing on the overarching Fortnite plot, it was a deviation while the Marvel heroes dealt with Galactus.

In Season 5, things picked back up again. We may have gotten more information in Chapter 2 Season 5 than we’ve had for the entirety of Fortnite’s lifespan. We’re at the point where we even think we’ve cracked the case of the Fortnite story.

In v15.40, Epic added some new NPC voice lines to the game that point to what many of us assumed: Season 5 will have a season-ending event that will relate to the Zero Point. Here’s what we learned after the most recent update.

New & leaked Fortnite voice lines

Several Fortnite characters have had their voice lines either updated or leaked. Lexa now has a specific voice line attached to her brother, Orin, which isn’t huge news in any way.

Some of the other leaked lines seem to relate to one of the skins that have yet to be released. Both Kondor and Ragnarok have a specific reaction to a particular skin, but that skin isn’t here yet.

The most interesting voice lines come from characters that are already in the game. Mancake, Deadfire, and Bunker Jonesy all have new voice lines when you approach them. The former two are located near the Zero Point and the latter has been the catalyst of many Season 5 theories.

Bunker Jonesy might start the conversation with “Here it comes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” and if you go to him as Cattus he says this “I thought you’d be bigger.”, He also has this placeholder/unreleased text “Hey don’t look at me, I don’t know how he got here either.”

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) February 16, 2021

Deadfire’s Speech “Make it Quick Partner” has been changed to “Mysterious things have been happening ’round these parts”

Kondor has an unreleased speech: “Keep your head down and your eyes sharp, huntress.”

And Lexa now says this if u go as Orin: “Brother? How’d you find me?”

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) February 16, 2021

Hypex, who released all of these voice lines, didn’t go into much detail about what these could mean for the future of Fortnite. If we had to guess, we’d say that they’re preparing us for a season-ending event.

The characters around the Zero Point are taking notice of some changes. At this point, we’d be surprised if the Zero Point didn’t destabilize and take us to another dimension – possibly the in-between from the Butterfly Event.

Only time will tell, but the end of Fortnite Season 5 is now a month away. Epic may be preparing us for something big

Image Credit: Epic Games


Fortnite data miner, Hypex, suggested that Five Nights at Freddy’s could be the next Gaming Legends crossover in Season 5.


1 month ago


February 1, 2021

Fortnite FNAF crossover

Fortnite Season 5 has introduced a laundry list of crossovers to the game. One Fortnite leaker thinks that Five Nights at Freddy’s could be next.

In Season 5, Epic brought several video game characters to the world of Fortnite. We saw Master Chief and Kratos hit the island shortly after the season released, and fans are wondering which characters we might see coming next.

The Gaming Legends series is brand new, so we assume that Epic will only be adding to it in the future. Some spooky files in Fortnite have led one data miner, Hypex, to suggest that we could see a crossover with the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The files in question are called “FrenchFry,” which is one codename given to skins that have yet to be released. These skins almost always begin with the first letter of each word. As Hypex notes in his video, the Ninja skin (Tyler Blevins) had the codename “TourBus.”

The files, strangely, relate to footsteps. There are seven different kinds of steps, which would suggest that a new mechanic could be on its way to Fortnite.

Could we see a haunted house of sorts, with references to the popular horror game? Only time will tell.

This theory seems like a bit of a stretch, but it certainly could happen. The popular FNAF skins would be a hit in Fortnite, but the timing feels a bit off.

An FNAF crossover seems like the type of thing that Epic would do during Halloween. It seems a bit out of place in the middle of February.

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