Fury at Mo’Nique After She Slams Black Women for Wearing Bonnets and Slippers in Public…

Mo’Nique has no regrets for telling Black women to fix themselves up before they leave home. In fact, the comedian and actress is doubling down after sparking debate — and some anger — with her comments about “queens in training” wearing hair bonnets and slippers in public.

“UNAPOLOGETIC,” Mo’Nique captioned her latest Instagram post on the issue earlier this week.

“Hey my sweet babies. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I’m going to say,” she explained in a four-minute video. “The post that I did Friday in reference to us being the best that we could be. It rubbed some people wrong.”

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She then explained that music icon Patti LaBelle and acting legend Margaret Avery told her years ago to “get yourself together” … with Avery even encouraging her to lose weight. Instead of getting in her feelings, Mo’Nique said she took their advice to heart.

“I’m glad that those two women loved me enough that they would go out of their way to talk to me in a way that aunties, mommas, big sisters, talk to their little sisters … because it allowed me to think about things differently,” she recalled.

“So for you babies that have taken offense to what I said, I’m okay with that. I’m okay with y’all being in your feelings about it. I’m okay with that because when you love somebody for real, I know y’all will get over that. And when y’all say, ‘We will cancel yo ass’ … well, they’ve tried that, and I’m still here to let y’all know I love you and ain’t nothing you can do about that. I love our community and ain’t nothing you can do about that.”

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This latest post came after the Oscar-winning actress faced backlash from some of her followers for an earlier video, about how some Black women present themselves.

In that post, Mo’Nique told a story about being in an airport in Atlanta, where she “saw so many of our young sisters in head bonnets, scarves, slippers, pajamas, blankets wrapped around them, and this is how they’re showing up to the airport.”

She said she’s been seeing a growing number of young ladies dressing down when they leave home and it bothers her.

“When did we lose our pride in representing ourselves?” Mo’Nique asked.

She added that she wasn’t suggesting women wear a “full face of makeup” or a “full lace frontal” wig, but she asked women, “could you please comb your hair?”

She then warned “queens in training” that “if you look like you don’t give a damn, how are you going to be treated?”

Many followers praised Mo’Nique for her comments, including Instagram user @luvbnfaith, who replied: “Aunty!! This needed to be said.”

@mztehila added, “I SO appreciate this!”

But others told Mo’Nique what they wear is their own business.

“What does it matter what I look like to other ppl, they don’t know me or my heart. My heart and spirit and mind should be the only thing that dictates whether I’m ‘presentable’ enough to be in public,” @jordyn_c2 responded.

@blaccamoore_x added, “Pride doesn’t come from what you wear pride starts with a mindset and some of y’all try to appease and conform to white culture and society!”

While @kblacklove replied to Mo’Nique’s post: “I love my Sis Mo…but I respectfully disagree.”

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