Get 1TB of premium cloud storage for a full year for $50

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Upload your photos to the cloud.
Upload your photos to the cloud.

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TL;DR: Get enough storage to upload all your photos, videos, documents, and more with 4Sync Premium 1TB Cloud Storage. As of March 10, get a 1-year subscription for $49.99 — a 75% savings.

If you’ve been avoiding the cloud for the past decade, here’s your sign to finally give in and store your files virtually

Whether you have the latest iPhone or are holding on to your Android from 2015, your phone probably houses priceless moments, memories, and more. You don’t want to risk losing all of it at the drop of a hat, do you? Exactly. That’s why you should jump on this offer for 1TB of cloud storage from 4Sync. For a limited time, you can get a year’s worth of storage for just $50 — which, just saying, is way less than iCloud.

4Sync’s storage solutions were designed for businesses, bloggers, students, teachers, photographers, and anyone else who needs to store and share large amounts of data. The interface is simple and convenient and allows you to store all of your documents, music, photos, videos, and other valuable files quickly for easy access. Basically, as soon as you save something to 4Sync, it’s instantly accessible anytime you need it via your desktop, phone, or tablet. Without any extra work on your part, 4Sync will back up and secure your files, protecting them from disasters, equipment failure, or of course, human error.

Stop collecting flash drives and take advantage of 4Sync’s multi-way sync feature that lets you access and share files seamlessly. You can create shared folders, assign access permissions, set up password protection, and more to ensure your private photos and files are seen only by those to whom you give access.

With 4Sync’s encryption-enabled service, your data is not only protected, but it’s also preserved. Typically $203, you can save 75% and pay just $49.99 for 1TB of 4Sync Premium Cloud Storage for an entire year. That’s about the same amount as eight smartphones with 128GB capacity, so it should be plenty for your individual needs.

Get 1TB of premium cloud storage for a full year for $50

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