Halo 2 and Halo 3 have official moding tools now

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They arrived alongside the Master Chief Collection’s eight season

John Masterchief looks dramatic with a gun in Halo 3.

Fancy tweaking some Halo games to make some cool or cursed content? Then good news! Yesterday, developers 343 industries released modding tools for Halo 2 and Halo 3 alongside the Master Chief Collection’s season 8 update. Halo: Combat Evolved got its own official modding tools back in June, and the new tools for 2 and 3 offer similar programs for modders to mess with. I look forward to seeing what good stuff they make.

To use Halo 2 or 3’s tools, you need to own a copy of the MCC. You can grab the Halo 2 tools right here, and the Halo 3 tools over here. They’ve updated Combat Evolved’s mod tools too.

Halo 2 and 3’s tools are similar to those in CE’s kit. “Guerilla” lets modders edit values or tags, meaning you can alter AI, colours, textures and more. “Sapien” is a level editor that lets you mess around with weapon placement, AI squads and more. There’s also one simply named “Tool”, which is used to import content and build map files. You can find out more about what all this kit does on Steam.

So far, modders have made a load of goodies for Combat Evolved, including big map packs with excellent map names such as “Frigid Keep” and “Colder Shoulder”. I also love the look of this night time version of CE’s Silent Cartographer mission (Halo’s glowing tech looks very pretty in the dark).

The Master Chief Collection’s eight season has launched too, adding in a load of new cosmetics. The coolest of the bunch are armour sets inspired by ancient warriors, letting your Spartans take fashion advice from actual Greek Spartans. On top of that, the Icebox map has broken free from Halo Online and is now available for custom games in Halo 3. You can also take part in a bunch of seasonal challenges across The MCC as well. Read all about it on the Halo website.

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