HBO Max created modern trailers for classic movies


To promote classic movies on its streaming service, HBO Max has created modern trailers for some classic movies including Alien and Gremlins among others. Their heart is in the right place, but unfortunately this basically means every movie gets spoiled because modern trailers are godawful. Seriously. Like don’t watch any of these if you haven’t already seen the movie.

For comparison, I included the original 1979 trailer for Alien so you can compare the two. The original is terrifying and disorienting without spoiling anything whereas the modern one basically shows every important and surprising scene and even includes clear shots of the alien which the movie deliberately hides for almost the entire running time. Also, apparently I’m the oldest person on the planet because Training Day is a classic film now. How is 2001 twenty years ago? That…can’t be right. This must be a weird Tenet type scenario.

Keep going for all of the trailers, including ones for Casablanca, Free Willy, and more. You can also watch the entire HBO playlist here.


And the original Alien trailer from 1979:


A Dog Day Afternoon:


Free Willy:


The Exorcist:

Boogie Nights:

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