Hear the Dating Advice Ice Cube Once Gave Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer Says Ice Cube Was the First to Warn Her About Boys!

This Ice Cube story will warm your heart.

In a sneak peek at tonight’s Celebrity Game Face, airing Oct. 26 on E!, Keke Palmer shares the moving advice her former Long Shots co-star once told her.

Keke poses the trivia question to her competitors: “The first person to warn me about boys was a member of: A) my family, B) my church or C) N.W.A.?” 

Eventually, Keke spills on what happened: 

“When I was, I think 12 years old, I did the Long Shots with Ice Cube. When I was on the set, I grew up in the industry, but I was starting to get older at this point. I was starting to get together,” Keke jokes.

She continues, “Ice Cube, he pulled me to the side. He was like, ‘Keke, I know you’re growing up, and I just want you to understand the way these men are seeing you isn’t always how you see yourself.’ And that was Ice Cube. Isn’t he the best?”

Not to be upstaged, Celebrity Game Face host Kevin Hart acts like Ice Cube’s sage advice is common.

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“I’ve given out that type of advice several times in my career,” Hart quips as everyone laughs. 

Watch the hilarious and endearing clip above! 

Watch a new episode of Celebrity Game Face Tuesday at 10 p.m., only on E!.

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