Here’s How Much Trevor Noah Makes on The Daily Show

As a native of South Africa, Trevor Noah is a man of many hats whether it’s comedian, television host, actor, or radio DJ. But he truly became an overnight success when he came to the United States and took over as the host of The Daily Show after Jon Stewart. With an Emmy award under his belt as host, the 37-year-old has gladly joined the list of the highest paid comedians in the world as he gears up to host the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in March.

But while many people recognize Noah simply as the funny television host, he definitely has a lengthy list of gigs that have contributed to his success. Prior to The Daily Show, he appeared in a number of South African programs and became the host of The Real Goboza and The Amazing Date before beginning a hefty career as a stand-up comedian.

Since moving to the United States in 2011, he has written a memoir, had several Netflix deals, and even made a small cameo in the Black Panther, voicing the Wakandan AI, Griot, all while crushing his late night show. Now it’s clear why The Hollywood Reporter dubbed him “the busiest man in comedy.”

So while he’s on the go, here’s what we know about Trevor Noah’s net worth.

Trevor Noah’s net worth is estimated at $100 million

While Noah isn’t exactly disclosing details of his bank account, we do knew a few things. A 2019 Forbes story estimated Noah’s combined salary and stand-up income at $28 million. Mind you, that’s only in 2019, and doesn’t include Noah’s four previous years with The Daily Show, nor his 2020-2021 income. (In other words, he’s probably making baaank.) We also know previous host John Stewart made in the $25 to $30 million range a year during his time. Assuming Noah is in that ballpark, we’d say he’s already well past the $100 million mark (though we’d imagine he’s spending some of that hard-earned cash).

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Noah is set to continue hosting The Daily Show until at least 2022. With a salary and net worth like that, it’s no wonder he recently moved into a $27.5 million stunning Bel-Air mansion. During the pandemic Noah even paid the salaries of his furloughed staff members. Clearly he’s enjoying the fruits of his labor enough to share some as well.

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